Audition Music 2015-16 – Wind Ensemble & Concert Band

Audition materials for Concert Band & Wind Ensemble are below.  These materials are also located on each band’s page. Auditions will be held in mid-April.  

Wind Ensemble members do not have to re-audition to stay in Wind Ensemble unless they want to move up a chair. 

Concert Band members do not have to re-audition to stay in Concert Band.

Bowmen Band members, unless Mr. Stai talks to you, will automatically be placed into Concert Band for the next school year. 

Wind Ensemble Auditions 2015-16

Wind Ensemble Audition Instructions 2015-16
Wind Ensemble – Winds Audition Music 2015-16 
Wind Ensemble – Percussion Audition Music 2015-16

Concert Band Auditions 2015-16

Concert Band Audition Instructions 2015-16
Concert Band – Winds Audition Music 2015-16 
Concert Band – Percussion Audition Music 2015-16