Marching Band

2020 SMB Leadership Applications

Sherwood Marching Band 2020 Leadership Applications are below. All applicant details, dates and expectations are in the applications. All applications are due by Tuesday, May 12 at 3:00pm.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

All leadership positions are positions of service; the ensemble comes first. Attitude, Communication, Organization, Work Ethic, Initiative and Musical Ability are prized attributes for our 2020 Sherwood Band Leadership Team. Best wishes to all applicants.

Application – Field Conductor 2020

Application – Section Leader 2020

Application – Colorguard Captain 2020

The marching band program is among the best programs offered at Sherwood High School. All students from Bowmen Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and  Color Guard perform in the marching band during the fall and one parade every other spring. The Sherwood Marching Band is a contemporary program that features the best designers, composers, arrangers, technicians and artists in our field.

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Before you begin the questionnaire you will need your student’s Sherwood School District ID number.  This number is how we identify your student in the band program’s database called Charms.


It’s important that all students – even returning marching band students – provide their current measurements.  You will need a fabric tape measure, current weight and current height before you begin. Our marching band uniform inventory consists of 1,550 pieces all of varying sizes, enough for 140 students.  The available inventory is matched up to each student based on the measurements that you provide. On August 11 each student will try on their uniform to fine-tune the fit of each piece.

3) ANNUAL RELEASE DOCUMENT – We will email you this electronic form directly within two days of receiving your email address through the student/family information link.

You will receive an email via docusign that can be completed electronically.  This document will request your permission relating to the following topics: 1) Medical  2) Travel 3) Photographs 4) Uniform Care 5) Liability. If you do not receive this email within two days, please email

The information you will need to complete this form includes:  1) Name of student’s health insurance company 2) Group number of student’s health insurance policy  3) Name of Student’s Physician 4) Phone number of Student’s Physician 5) Date of Student’s most recent tetanus shot  6) Any allergies or other health concerns 7) Any prescription medications that your student is currently taking.

4) BAND CAMP SUPPLIES ORDER FORM  –  If this is your first time logging into your secure Charms portal, the DEFAULT password is your student’s Sherwood school district ID.  You will be prompted to choose a permanent password, keep record of your password since it will be required when you log in going forward.  If you have forgotten your password, email to request that your password be reset back to the default (SSD ID).

Items that will be necessary for band camp will be available to purchase until June 30 from the Charms online store.  Click on “Check-Out” to complete your purchase using PayPal or a credit card. Your order will be available to pick up on August 11, which is uniform fitting day in the high school band room.  Band camp begins on August 12.

Marching Band Info For Your Reference – Do Not Turn In



Eligibility – Defined by Sherwood HS Athletics & OSAA

In order to demonstrate the ideals of good sportsmanship and respect for rules and authority; in order to eliminate disruptive influences in the locker room, on the training field, on the playing field, and on trips both on and off the school grounds; in order to provide conditions which promote health and safety for the individual athlete and opponents; and to ensure that an athlete will act in the best interest of the team, school and community at all times; the following rules and regulations are set forth in an effort to perpetuate a philosophy of competition and success for the student athlete and the school-community. These regulations will be enforced from the first day the student participates in practice until the completion of awards for each sport.

OSAA Eligibility

You are eligible if:

1.  You are not 19 years of age prior to August 15.

2.  You enter the beginning year of high school for the first time, regardless of where you reside.

3.  You transfer from one high school to another and your parents or legal guardian move with you to your new school district.

4.  You remain at the school in which you enrolled at before entering 9th grade, and your parents or legal guardian move out of that district.

5.  You successfully completed at least four (4) credits of work the immediate preceding trimester.

6.  You currently are enrolled in and passing subjects equivalent to at least four (4) credits of work, provided at least two (2) credits of work are through enrollment in high school.

7.  Following initial enrollment you have not exceeded eight (8) consecutive semesters or (12) trimesters.

8.  You are a foreign student under an exchange program, are not too old and have not graduated from a high school.

9.  You do not accept or enter into any agreement for the purpose of later accepting any compensation or thing of value for or in recognition of athletic abilities except your school athletic letter, small medals, certificates, plaques or emblems.

GENERAL Eligibility Guidelines – Trimester Schedule

1.  Athletes will be required to pass 4 classes during each trimester, as determined by the OSAA.

2.  If an athlete does not pass the required number of classes in any trimester, he or she will be declared ineligible until the end of the next trimester. Eligibility can be restored at that time provided the athlete has met the minimum requirement of passing at least four classes.

3.  A hardship can be attempted through the OSAA for an athlete who is declared academically ineligible, with certain restrictions. To do this, the athlete must have endured a hardship that legitimately kept them from completing the requirements. Generally, behavior, attendance, or lack of effort will not qualify as a hardship.

SHERWOOD HS Eligibility Requirements:

1.  A student-athlete must possess at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of each grading period in order to be eligible to compete in athletic/activities at Sherwood High School.

2.  The grading periods for the trimester schedule will be every 12 weeks.  Eligibility for the beginning of sports seasons is based on the GPA of the previous trimester (fall eligibility is based upon the previous spring’s trimester).

3.  If a student/athlete is under a 2.0 GPA at the beginning of a trimester, they will be ineligible to compete in games and contests for two weeks. At the end of that 2-week period, the student/athlete must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible.

4.  If the student/athlete does meet the 2.0 GPA requirements, they will remain on probation until the end of the trimester with consistent grade checks.  If they drop below the 2.0 GPA requirements at any time, they will be deemed ineligible for another 2-week period with the same penalties as the start of the trimester.

5.  In addition to the 2.0 requirement, student-athletes need to be passing all classes at progress report time.  If a student is listed as having a failing grade in a class at a progress report time, or they are not making satisfactory progress towards showing proficiency, they will have one week to bring the grade up to passing or making satisfactory progress towards proficiency.  After the one-week period, if the student is still failing the class, or not making progress towards proficiency, they will be ineligible to participate in contests until they are.  Weekly grade reports for that student in that class may be necessary until the next grade period.

6.  Student-Athletes must be current on their Career Credit and passing Advisory in order to be eligible to compete.  There is a 5-day turnaround from completion of an assignment and it’s input into Naviance.

7.  Coaches will not be required to restore playing time to any athlete who has been out with eligibility problems.

8.  Hardships are not available for the 2.0 requirements.