OSAA Solo Schedule – Saturday, April 29th @ Pacific University

Here is the OSAA Solo Schedule for Saturday, April 29th at Pacific University in Forest Grove. If you were selected, please make sure you inform your accompanist and have your three original copies of music for the adjudicators to use (there are three adjudicators in each room). Email Mr. Stai if you have any questions.

SPE 2nd place in Finals @ WGI Power Regional in San Bernardino

Our Sherwood Percussion Ensemble traveled to San Bernardino, CA to compete in the WGI Power Regional. Performing in Scholastic A Class, our team earned 2nd place in Prelims on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to the high placement the Sherwood Percussion Ensemble avanced to Semi-Finals where they performed late at night and earned 2nd place again. Advancing to Finals, SPE performed Sunday morning and finished 2nd place again.

Bravo to our hard working SPE Members & their dedicated staff and parents!

Finals Recap

Have a Great Spring Break!

Band Students & Parents – Please enjoy a well deserved spring break. Its been a wild winter trimester, and one that ended with several solid performances. I’m very proud of our Sherwood Band Students. Enjoy your break, relax, and do something nice for someone!

To practice over the break or not to practice over the break… I think about this in two ways: 1) If you practice all of the time, sometimes it is a good idea to walk away from your instrument for a little bit. That way when you come back you are fresh. Or 2) If you don’t practice regularly (or ever), its never too late to start and spring break is a great opportunity. I suppose there is an options 3) If you practice your horn and love it and don’t want to stop, please don’t stop.

Mr. Stai is here (Friday, March 24th) until 3:30pm if you want to come grab your horn… if you forgot it.

Playing Proficiency #8 is due on Monday, April 3rd.

Remember to eat at the Sherwood Spaghetti Factory on Monday, March 27th to support our district bands! Spaghetti Factory Flier – BAND

Indiana University Wind Ensemble Concert

One of the finest collegiate Wind Ensembles in the country, the Indiana University Wind Ensemble, is performing next Tuesday, 3/28, at 8:00 EDT. They are live streaming the event and you can get to it by following this link:
Here is the repertoire for the program.
Bernstein/Grundman: Candide Suite (1993)
BoboArchitecture of a Dream for marimba and
wind ensemble
 (2016, consortium premiere)
Reed: ‘Variations on the ‘Porazzi’ Theme by Wagner’
from “Symphony No. 3 for wind ensemble” (1988)

Basler: Mangulina (2001)
Bolcom: First Symphony for band (2008)

Save the Date – Spring Break Band Trip 2018

Save the Date – Spring Band Trip 2018 to Southern California. March 26-30 2018. Estimated Cost per student is $1200. Trip is optional and is open to all band students (Bowmen, Concert Wind Ensemble). Our performances will most likely be a combined ensemble setting (like graduation band). Other details will be announced later.

I know I’ve been talking about a big trip for 2018 for a long time now and am just getting around to announcing it officially. Thank you for your patience! We will take the full band to Southern California to participate in some unique musical events and fun activities. A draft itinerary and payment schedule will be released later on.

Student Announcements – District Band Festival Edition

Announcements 3/21/17 – District Band Edition
1 Know Your Role Tonight & Be On Time – Setup Crew, Band Guide, Small Ensembles, Stage Crew, Clean Up Crew. “Your best ability is your dependability”
2 For Mass Piece, Be Solution Oriented. BRING PORTABLE STAND
3 Call Times:

·      MS Guides – Anywhere between 6:00-6:15pm (your choice)

o  Advanced  – Store Items in PAC

o  Intermediate – Store Items in PAC

o  Beginning – Store items in Main Gym along wall they are performing next to.

·      Small Ensembles – Be Ready to Perform starting at 6:30pm

o  Order

§  Flute Duet

§  WW Quintet

§  Sax Quartet

o  Percussion Duet – Find an opportunity to play

·      Everyone Else – 6:30pm

o  6:30 – People talking into microphone, come meet with Stai in his office.

o  6:35 – Stage Crew Volunteers, come meet with Stai in his office.

·      We will do a group warmup at 6:40pm in Band Room


4 •      Concert Starts at 7:00pm

o      Beginning

o      Intermediate

o      Advanced

o      Bowmen

o      Concert

o      W.E.

o      Combined

5 •      Be Supportive

o      In Stands sit together and close to floor.

o      Clap for other performers

o      Don’t talk during performances.

o      Body Language. You will be filmed multiple times as an audience member and performer.

6 •      Be Helpful

o      Where MS can put their items

o      Where they can sit.

o      Percussion Help

o      Stage Crew

7 Recruit

·      Help build this band program.

·      Talk it up.

·      Every moment you are contributing to the brand image of our program.

8 •      Wednesday AM – No Jazz I
9 Be Grateful for the camaraderie of this concert tonight.  It’s unique.
10 Band Final Day

·                  Remember that the district festival is your final but you still need to come to class. We will be working on

o  The music you don’t know yet for April 6th

o  A little spring cleaning

o  I will give you the last 15 min for studying.

Bravo SPE & Winds!

Congrats SPE & Winter Winds each won 1st Place at the Portland WGI NW Regional in the Scholastic A Division for Percussion & for Winds.

Unfortunately I don’t have any videos at this time to share with anyone. WGI is very strict about video recordings. Congratulations to our students & staff!

Class Announcements 3/17/17

Announcements 3/17/17
1 OSAA Soloists – Let Mr. Stai know ASAP if you cannot participate in OSAA Solo Contest on Saturday, April 29th @ Pacific University.
2 District Band Festival – Tuesday, March 21st – Day before Finals.

·         This will count as your final (You don’t need to study for a band final).

·         You will need to signup for either Setup (3:00-3:40) OR Cleanup (8:15-8:45).

·         Mega Band Rehearsal @ 7:15am that day for Mass Piece

·      W.E. Small Ensembles performing prior to concert.

·      Stage Crew

·      MS Band Guides

3 Auditions for 2017-2018 W.E. located at https://sherwoodbands.org/wind-ensemble/
4 Proficiency 8 – Due April 3rd
5 Upcoming April Performances:

·      April 6th – Spring Band Concert – Festival Music (Bowmen, Concert, W.E.)

·      April 7th – W.E. WOU Band Festival

·      April 11th – W.E. TRL Band Festival

·      April 20th – C.B. & B.B. Band Festival at WLHS

6 W.E. April 11th TRL Mass Piece – Salvation is Created (Mr. Stai will get you music next week). Bring a Portable Stand & label it with a piece of tape with NAME & SCHOOL in case it gets lost.
7 W.E. has two more 3:00-5:00pm Rehearsals Leading up to TRL Festival

o  Wednesday, April 5

o  Monday, April 10

8 Jazz Band Gig Added – State Jazz Band Festival – Saturday, May 20 @ Mt. Hood Community College. Scheduled TBA.