Booster Board Position to fill Immediately

It is unbelievable how quickly the summer has passed and we are gearing up for another exciting and eventful school year. The band program is thriving and growing more and more every year. I am grateful to the amazing parent volunteers who help our Band Directors and the High School and Middle Schools. As a team of parents and directors, we are creating unforgettable musical opportunities. Our program has grown/doubled in the five years I have served as Booster President. It takes a lot of work to raise enough funds to support our growing band program. I have a hard working board who do their jobs fabulously, I certainly could not do all of this alone.

At this time, I am making an urgent request to fill a board position. This position is key in keeping our goal to raise money for all of the amazing opportunities we have planned for the band program for this year. I need a new VP of Sponsorship. As a board, we are trying to create more manageable positions and spread the workload for each board member. This year we are trying to create a “Sponsorship Committee”, and Ken McCoy was our Lead. He has recently changed roles and is now the VP of Marching Band. Ken has done an amazing job organizing and kicking off our Sponsorships for this year, and has already reached out to sponsors, and is getting responses back from some. I need someone to relieve Ken of this responsibility so that he can focus on Marching Band. We live in an amazing community with very generous supporters. Please consider joining us on the Band Boosters Board to keep our goals on target.

Please respond to this email if you have any further questions or would like to discuss the position with me or Ken. Thank you for helping us keep the band program running successfully.

Lennae Bishop Sherwood Band Booster President

Raffle Tickets for Inn At Otter Crest – Band Fundraiser

Win a 2 Night/3 Day Stat at the Inn At Otter Crest

$20 per ticket / only 500 tickets are being sold.

The winner will be drawn during halftime at the football game on September 13th. You don’t have to be present to win. No expiration date. Dates available year round.

Follow this link  and pay $20 to receive a ticket that will be emailed directly to you (pay in $20 increments to receive more than one ticket that will be emailed directly to you).

Proceeds go to benefit the efforts of our Sherwood Band Boosters and Sherwood High School Percussion Ensemble’s trip to the 2020 World Championship.


Questions? Contact Kate at

Seeking Donations For Large Items

There is a large ticket item that we as a program are trying to purchase this summer in time for the Marching Band Season; we are trying to replace our speakers, carts, and cables. They’ve served us well since 2008 but it is time of move on!

For this season we are trying to raise $4600 to replace speakers, carts and cables.

In future seasons we are looking to raise an additional $7500 to replace woofers, soundcart cabinet, and create a center speaker channel for our fall and winter productions.

As a booster organization, we do not have the funds available for this purchase. If you know of a company or personally would like to help with this purchase please e-mail me at Thank you for your continued support and assistance in so many ways. I love this community and our band family. Some of the most generous and kind people I know. If you know of any sponsors, or would like to donate any amount towards this upgrade let me know!

***I have a private donor willing to match up to $2000 to any donation I acquire for this purchase. Is anyone willing and able to donate for new speakers? Thank you for your generosity!****

Lennae Bishop Sherwood Band Booster President

August 12 Parking Update

Dear SMB Members & Parents, I have an important update for you regarding parking on Monday, August 12. There will be a way access the SHS parking lot, however it will be off of Villa Rd. There is a gate on the south side that is typically closed off; however, it will be unlocked and open giving drivers access to the parking lot. The gate runs behind the Stadium Stands and is on the southside of the school accessible by Villa Rd.

I am hoping this makes commuting and parking a little simpler than originally stated a few days ago. Please make sure to give yourself a few extra minutes to get to the band room Monday morning.

We will have our camp meeting in the PAC at 9am. Can’t wait to see you all!


August 12 – Band Camp – No Parking Lot Access

Greetings Marching Band Members & Parents,

Our first day of band camp, on August 12, there will be NO SHS PARKING LOT ACCESS. The city has decided to repave Meinecke road which will render the SHS parking lot inaccessible on Monday, August 12.  SMB Members, Parents & Staff will need to utilize the area around Villa Rd. and neighborhood for parking and drop off/pick up. I’ve attached a picture for your convenience.  Due to this, please give yourself an extra 10 minutes in your commute to deal with this one time change. There are several sports practices and activities happening as well in addition to it being the first day that the front office of SHS is open, so there will literally be hundreds of people trying to find parking and building access that day without accessing Meinecke.

On Tuesday, August 13th there should be one lane that is available to get into and out of the parking lot. This will still add to your commute as there are several sports/activities practicing and meeting at the same time we are.

On Wednesday, August 14 we SHOULD be back to normal and driving on fresh pavement 🙂

Sorry for the hassle! I met with admin on this topic and this was the best course of action we were able to devise.

Below is my highly technical drawing:

August 12

SMB 2019 Camp Starts Monday!

BAND CAMP STARTS MONDAY, AUGUST 12 AT 9AM.  BELOW ARE USEFUL LINKS PROVIDING REMINDERS OF “WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHAT”.VERY EXCITED – This is going to be an awesome & rewarding experience! The SMB returns in 2019 as one of the elite programs in the NW. Our show “The Path” is exciting and we can’t wait to get started. Students & Parents, get on board and get excited to make some great memories!

Very Important – Make sure you are geared up and ready to go. Here is the SMB Checklist that was handed out last June. Contact your section leader, or colorguard captain or field conductor if you have any questions.

The SMB calendar has only a few minor adjustments since our June info meeting.  All dates/times online are accurate including the following SMB Calendar Dates 2019 (updated 6.12.19)

FOOD – One thing that is not on the checklist, bring a lunch and a dinner or have a plan in place to get your meals.

Band Parents & Members – Rehearsal Start & End Times are as defined:

Start Time – If rehearsal starts at 9am. We start either moving or stretching right at that time. “We attack at 9am” is what I will say. That means students need to allot for time to park, walk to the band room, socialize (as desired), use bathroom, lather sunscreen, assemble equipment, etc. Students should be arriving to SHS about 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule so that they can get setup and to their correct rehearsal spaces on time.

End Time – End time is when rehearsal ends. We end most of our camp rehearsals at 8pm. We take students right up until 8pm on the upper baseball field. It takes us about 20 minutes to strike the field and get back down to the band room. If you are picking your student up from camp, it is a better assumption that they will be ready to leave between 8:20-8:30.

All section leaders have been making contact with their section members throughout the course of the summer. If you haven’t heard from your section leader, you probably are not on our roster or we don’t have your contact info. Make sure all of your info is entered correctly into the Charms link that was emailed your way.

Music has been posted and available to print in the members only section . You will find warmups, show music, and various stands tunes. Print your part only!

MOST IMPORTANT – Start hydrating and eat healthier than normal. Get rest and make sure you start training yourself to be ready to go at 9am in the morning. Camp is a huge physical and mental undertaking. You owe it to yourself and your section to take good care of your mind and body! We need you on the field ready to perform!

Band Parents – We still need some help with some side projects. If you want to get involved with our band program here at SHS, please contact for more info

Colorguard – We are always recruiting more colorguard members and it is not too late to join our 2019 marching season. If you are interested in joining, come see us at camp on Monday! Also, please reach out to & regarding any questions you might have.

Need more info? Go to

See you for Band Camp on Monday at 9am! 

Can Drive – Please Help!

Dear Band Parents: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

This is our first fundraiser of the 2019 year. Let’s make it a successful one!

AUGUST 10TH; YES, this Saturday It is taking place at KOHL”s Department STORE parking lot this year!! PLEASE note the change from prior years.

We will need many hands to make this an efficient and fun event. There are many tasks to do: Drive Kids in neighborhoods, picking up donated items Set up or Take down Dump Runs Sorting recyclables Driving the trailer to Kohls, and/or to the recycling center later during the week. ETC

Please review this link and sign up for your favorite task ASAP:

Thank you

JeanHilt VP Fundraising

Boy’s Concert Attire Info


Boys participating in any one of the of these five high school bands: Bowman Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz I, Jazz II, require certain apparel. Remington CTR Clothing has supplied this great quality clothing at reasonable prices for several years. As we near the start of school, please call Remington’s directly to schedule your 20-minute fitting appointment.  Pieces of this apparel can sometimes be difficult for our supplier to obtain, scheduling your appointment as soon as possible will provide time to resolve any issues that arise.

Mr. Remington has made himself available to our band students now through August 16.  Please schedule your appointment within this window of time.

Remington’s CTR Clothing – Ron Remington

15862 SW 72nd Ave, Ste 100 Portland, OR 97224  (near Burgerville off of Carman Drive)



All boys are required to wear a black belt, black socks and black shoes in addition to the apparel items below.  Apparel to be worn for the various high school bands is as follows: 

Full Tuxedo $109 (includes pants)    *    Wind Ensemble   *    Jazz I

Black Dress Slacks  $30   *   Bowman Band    *    Concert Band   *   Jazz II

Black Shirt  $25     *   Bowman Band    *    Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble   *   Jazz I   *   Jazz II

Black Vest $30   *    Bowman Band   *   Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble   *   Jazz I

Black Tie $10   *   Bowman Band   *   Concert Band   *   Wind Ensemble

Burgundy Tie  $10   *   Jazz I

Payment will be due to Remington’s CTR at the time of your fitting.   Feel welcome to contact me with questions. Tina Brannan 503-504-7314