Tuesday Camp Adjustments

Dear Parents, We are pulling kids inside for remainder of day for music rehearsal (colorguard is either in band room or in hallway working through their routines, learning to read drill, etc.). Please read below carefully:

  • Percussion is inside at LRMS and will have their evening rehearsal as usual until 8pm. Nothing has changed for percussion due to the nature of their type of rehearsal structures and adequate amounts of rehearsal space and ventilation. As of now, we still plan on rehearsing percussion at LRMS Wednesday.
  • Winds & Colorguard will be finished at 4:00pm today and will not have their 5:00-8:00pm rehearsal block.
Practices are on schedule for Wednesday at their respective times and locations.

Band Camp Starts Monday!

VERY EXCITED – This is going to be an awesome & rewarding experience! The SMB returns in 2018 as one of the elite programs in the NW. Our show “Time Waits for No Man” will is exciting and we can’t wait to get started. Students & Parents, get on board and get excited to make some great memories!

Very Important – Make sure you are geared up and ready to go. Here is the SMB Checklist that was handed out last June. Contact your section leader, or colorguard captain or drum major if you have any questions. BAND CAMP PACKAGES WILL BE READY FOR DISTRIBUTION AT UNIFORM FITTINGS ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH. 

The SMB calendar has only one minor adjustments. Wednesday, August 30th rehearsal is now 11:00am-3:00pm to give the students a little bigger break between rehearsal and the premier performance.

Here is the Band Calendar – SMB Dates 2018

FOOD – One thing that is not on the checklist, bring a lunch and a dinner or have a plan in place to get your meals.

Need more info? Go to https://sherwoodbands.org/marching-band/

Band Parents & Students – Rehearsal Start & End Times are as defined:

Start Time – If rehearsal starts at 9am. We start either moving or stretching right at that time. “We attack at 9am” is what I will say. That means students need to allot for time to park, walk to the band room, socialize (as desired), use bathroom, lather sunscreen, assemble equipment, etc. Students should be arriving to SHS about 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule so that they can get setup and to their correct rehearsal spaces on time.

End Time – End time is when rehearsal ends. We end most of our camp rehearsals at 8pm. We take students right up until 8pm on the upper baseball field. It takes us about 20 minutes to strike the field and get back down to the band room. If you are picking your student up from camp, it is a better assumption that they will be ready to leave between 8:20-8:30.

All section leaders have been making contact with their section members throughout the course of the summer. If you haven’t heard from your section leader, you probably are not on our roster or we don’t have your contact info. Make sure all of your info is entered correctly into the Charms link that was emailed your way.

Music has been posted and available to print in the members only section https://sherwoodbands.org/members-only-section/ . You will find warmups, show music, and various stands tunes. Print your part only!

MOST IMPORTANT – Start Hydrating and eat healthier than normal. Get rest and make sure you start training yourself to be ready to go at 9am in the morning. Camp is a huge physical and mental undertaking. You owe it to yourself and your section to take good care of your mind and body! We need you on the field ready to perform!

Band Parents – We still need some help with some side projects. If you want to get involved with our band program here at SHS, please contact  shsbandboostersinfo@gmail.com for more info

Colorguard – We are still looking for more colorguard members for our 2018 marching season. If you are interested in joining, come see us at camp on Monday! Also, please reach out to guard.sherwoodbands@gmail.com regarding any questions you might have.

See you for Band Camp on Monday at 9am! 

Can Drive Wrap UP

Good morning band families,
Thank you for helping at the Can Drive today, with the change in plans, I was worried about the outcome, but once again you volunteered and made the day successful.  This can drive is unlike any we have ever had before, the ORC (Oregon Recycling Center) is understaffed and completely backlogged with their recycling, so they did not have a semi trailer for us to fill at Grocery Outlet.  That is why I was asking everyone to cash in the glass bottles today.  (Which brought in $745 by the way!)
I have submitted our non profit Booster Club to receive the “blue” fundraising bags at the bottle drop so that we can have an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year.  However, it takes ten days to get our account set up and we have to pay 75 cents per bag (that are 1/3 of the size of our regular clear plastic recycle bags).  I explain this to you so that you understand my next request.  Instead of purchasing the blue bags in 10+ Days to submit our band trailer full of aluminum cans and plastic bottles, I am hoping to have your help…every day at the end of band camp, until the bags are gone, I will be in the high school parking lot with the trailers open.  When you arrive to pick up your band student, I am asking for you to come take a bag or two of cans/bottles and submit them at the bottle drop center in Tigard, and bring to me receipt and money to the lockbox in the band room when you’re finished.  It goes very quickly at the bottle drop location, and they are not as busy on the weekdays.  Their rules are 350 cans/bottles per person and they are open from 8:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m.
Their address is:  14411 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, OR. (Located next th Harbor Freight).  We need to empty our band trailers as soon as possible so they are ready for our competitions.  Thank you once again for assisting with this can drive.
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President

Can Drive!

Good morning band families,

Our first fundraiser of the school year is upon us.  This Saturday, August 11 at Middleton Elementary.  Can Drives are a great way to bring in 6-10 thousand dollars in a days’ work.  For those of you who have signed up to assist in this fundraiser, thank you!  When I checked tonight, there are 65 of the 163 volunteer spots filled.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now.  Our can drive this Saturday is going to run differently than any that we have done before.

The Oregon Recycling Center is understaffed and is unable to provide a semi truck trailer for us to fill at the Grocery Outlet in King City.  We will be collecting our cans and bottles, and sorting them a little more simply, and bagging them to be turned in in a couple of weeks.  The glass bottles, I hope, we will be able to take to local recycling centers on Saturday and collect the money that day.  When you arrive at the can drive to volunteer, please report to me (Lennae Bishop) and I will give you instructions on where we need the most assistance.  Once we scan the neighborhoods, I will need helpers to take a few students and drive to local stores or the recycling center and turn in bottles.  If anyone has any bins that they would like to donate for us to use for the day (so that we can place glass bottles in them to cash in) please bring them with you.  As for the cans and plastic bottles, we will bag them up and store them in our two band trailers until we can have our account opened at the Bottle Recycling Center (in approx 10 days).    It is possible that we will need a little more storage space than our two trailers can handle.  If you have space available, or know of anywhere we could store them, please let me know.  I am also going to be looking for assistance in getting our bottles turned in once our account is set up.

Thank you for helping us make this fundraiser successful, please give a couple hours of your time so we can get this done.

Here is the link to the volunteer spot:


We would welcome any extra volunteers to get through this day with the change in plans!

Thank you, see you Saturday.

Can Drive

Hello Band Parents


We only have 38 out of 160 volunteers.  We need your help in many areas!
The Can Drive will take place on Saturday August 11th.  We will be at Middleton Elementary.  We will need volunteers to help make this event a success.  It is just a week away!!
We need a trailer driver for morning and afternoon
Lots of sorters
An adult to manage the flow in the 1130-230section
someone to haul stuff
2 people with larger vehicles to pick up stuff from the high school on Friday afternoon and bring it to the can drive in the AM at 0800..


Here is the link:
We will need some help on Friday also.  We will meet at the High School to get the supplies for Saturday.
We also need trailer drivers.  We have added the Truck requirements to the SignUP spot.  We need a driver for the AM and one for the PM.   Picking up and dropping off supplies etc in the large Band Trailer
Please sign up soon.  The sooner we get the event full of volunteers, the fewer emails that will be needed!
Thank you and see you in August
JeanMarie Hilt

VP Fundraising

Sherwood Band Boosters
503 995 0060

Colorguard Members Needed

Know someone who wants to be involved in our incredible marching band this fall? We are currently looking for more colorguard members to join us! Our Main Camp starts on August 13th. Contact sherwoodcolorguard@gmail.com for more info!


A Special Request From the President

Sherwood Band Supporters – There is are two large ticket items that we as a program are trying to purchase this summer, in time for the Marching Band Season. The items would be a bass flute and an alto flute. For our 2018 marching band show, we want to feature a flute choir made up of piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute. This would create a phenomenal musical effect and aesthetic for us. Moreover, Alto & Bass Flute are items that we could incorporate into our solo & ensemble festival season January, February & March.  

If you are interested in the specs they are as follows (this becomes somewhat foreign language to me):

  • Trevor James Bass Flute – $3600
  • Trevor James Alto Flute – $2000
As a booster organization, we do not have the funds available for this purchase. If you know of a company or personally would like to help with this purchase please e-mail me at president.sherwoodbands@gmail.com.
Thank you for your continued support and assistance in so many ways.  I love this community and our band family.  Some of the most generous and kind people I know.  If you know of any sponsors, or would like to donate any amount towards this upgrade let me know!
Lennae Bishop
Sherwood Band Booster President

Robin Hood Parade Help

Hello! Mr. Stai is looking for some non-musical assistance with the Robin Hood Parade on Saturday.

Last year I had a few people walking with us for first aid purposes as a precautionary “just in case”. We have quite a few young band members and it would be good to have a few adults on hand with water and first aid kits. Please email bstai@sherwood.k12.or.us if you are interested in walking the parade with us. The more the merrier!

Also, we have two banner carriers for this year and we are in search of two more!

Also, we are in need of more Woodwind & Brass Players to march with us. Our next rehearsal is tonight at 6:30pm in the SHS Band Room. Hope to see you there!