Jazz w/Nathanael Ankeney

Dear Jazz Fans,

Nathanael Ankeny will be performing with Seth Ahnert and Nolan Staples at the Larkin House (215 N School St., Newberg) on Sunday, October 30 at 3pm. Suggested donation for the concert is $10. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Other wonderful opportunities to hear live jazz in Newberg include:
Oct. 28 – Nate Macy and Nathanael Ankeny – Chehalem Brewery – 7:00-9:00pm – No cover – 2515-B Portland Rd. Newberg
Oct. 29 – Jazz Jam at the Coffee Cottage – 7:00-8:30pm – Free – Student musicians with the house band featuring Nathanael Ankeny, Seth Ahnert, Nolan Staples, Leif Nordstrom – 808 E. Hancock, Newberg
Nov. 11 – Evening of Jazz – New York saxophonist Dave Pietro with the GFU Jazz Ensemble and Faculty Jazz Combo –7:30pm – Bauman Auditorium – Tickets available at the door or online: music.georgefox.edu
Watch for future gigs and events at http://www.nathanaelankeny.com/SCHEDULE
All the best,
P.S. – Info regarding SHS Jazz II with Nathanael Ankeney will be coming soon! Looking forward to getting started in mid-November! 

SMB: Itinerary for Saturday, October 22

Here is the student schedule for the Southridge Spectacle of Sound this Saturday, October 22 at Hillsboro Stadium. Some items to note:

  • Students will be fed 2 full meals and one snack. There will be concessions sold at Hillsboro Stadium.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform.
  • Girls/Guys with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Students can/should bring homework to do on the bus. There will be times throughout the bus ride and day where students can complete homework. There will also be moments in the day where the student in the role of a “performer” and also in the role of an “audience member” in an educational setting. Homework is allowed during the “free times”.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.

Important: Students must meet grade expectations in order to perform.

Important: Students must have completed all due Naviance assignments in order to perform.

Important: Students must have SMB fees paid in full in order to compete.

Southridge Spectacle of Sound Schedule

9:00 Call time/attendance/uniforms
9:35 Load buses
10:25 Arrive at Hillsboro/lunch
11:16 Uniforms on
11:46 Rehearsal
1:16 Line up and move to gate
1:36 Preliminary performance
1:50 Return to camp/debrief
2:00 Snack
2:45 Preliminary Awards
4:30 Dinner
5:08 (or later) Uniforms on, personal items on buses (line cases up under buses)
5:15 Begin camp tear down
TBD Begin rehearsal
TBD Performance time
TBD Return to camp/debrief
9:00 Awards
10:15 Buses depart for SHS
10:55 Buses arrive, check in uniforms
11:25 Kids available for pickup

SMB: Urgent Update Regarding Added Competition Saturday, October 29

As you know, we were forced by expected weather conditions to cancel our participation in the Bands of America Competition last weekend. Losing a competition is more than missing out on a chance to win trophies. It is an educational assessment activity, where the kids and staff receive meaningful input on the progress they have made, and the work they still have to do, as individuals and as an ensemble, to improve their performance. Missing 1 our of 4 of these experiences that we’ve spent so much time and energy developing is a big deal.

Because of that, and after consulting with the Boosters, I’ve decided to change our schedule by adding participation in the Liberty Marching Arts Challenge at Hillsboro Stadium on Saturday, October 29. Not only does it restore our schedule to a full four competitions, because there will be 20 bands participating it gives us good feedback on how we’re doing, and provides the kids lots of opportunity to see other top bands.

I understand this is a late change to what are tight schedules for everyone. It’s important that all of our members be able to make this competition, because every student is an important part of the entire ensemble. If this change creates a critical conflict, please see me right away to discuss.

Please look for information on volunteering shortly, and expect a detailed schedule next week.

SMB: Urgent Update Regarding Saturday, October 15th

We will not be going to BOA tomorrow. BOA changed the format to an indoor performance/clinic at Prairie HS in Vancouver. Travel conditions on the way back from that event looked to be not favorable with driving over bridges. This decision was made between myself and our transportation personnel at the district office. At this point there are only a couple of bands that will be at that altered BOA event.

Instead, we will do a 9:00-12:30 rehearsal here in the gym at SHS. We will be serving students & staff brunch at 12:30. Everyone should be out of here before the storm hits at 3:00pm. We have the gym reserved so we will clean music phrases with silk work. Lots of good phrasing instruction and coordination so that when we take it on the field, the kids know the count and phrasing much more confidently.

Our marching group has a huge potential to do very well competitively. Other groups that are in our “echelon of competition” are slightly ahead of us from a time invested toward rehearsal standpoint. We will utilize Saturday to inch ourselves closer to the top of the pack. My request to my students is that they stay hungry to perform at their very best level possible, and then utilize the rest of the time for whatever they need most from this unplanned break – whether it be homework, rest, or much needed downtime.


Weather – It’s a moving, unpredictable target. Safety is always first. Wind just makes it more interesting. For those that are new to the competitive marching band program, we don’t cancel rehearsals or performances due to rain or some wind gusts. If the winds are sustained at a high speed, it becomes about the props and flags. If those are not stable, we perform without props and flags do not throw. If the winds are highly severe and sustained (to where we cannot perform outside), a performance could be canceled. We saw this last year at Century when it was sideways rain with wind gusts of 60+ and sustained winds of 40 (at times). Lightning that is close enough to strike near the performance area brings us to a stop.

The staff monitors the forecast and current conditions. We work in conjunction with school administration to make sure students are always safe. We work with competition show hosts to make sure the students are always safe. The weather looks pretty rough these next few days (if all of that actually hits us directly).

There are several contingencies in place depending on what the weather actually delivers. There is a good chance that this will be a day of decision regarding what the show format will look like for BOA. We will wait to hear what that decision is and what the weather actually delivers.

For Friday, we will make decisions as we go throughout the day. Have your rain gear ready!

Stay tuned to Email & Group Messaging.

SMB Juniors: Urgent PSAT Update

Newberg HS does not have space. Yvonne Van Andel has been a phone warrior to find another space for our students to take the PSAT. Read below from Yvonne…

Century called me back and they still have lots of spots but students/parents need to call a reserve asap so that they can set up the rooms.  The cost is $20 and they can pay by card. They need to call the bookkeeper to register- Kristy Ray at 503 844 1803