Recital Night 2020 – Monday, March 2nd 6:00-8:00PM

For Anyone New to SHS Band – “The Band Recital Night is a Band Concert… sort of.”

Students & Parents, our Solo & Ensemble Recital is Monday, March 2nd  at SHS at 6:00pm. All Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble members will be performing a solo or an ensemble piece at this recital. This will be a major event as we have approximately 100 performances throughout the course of the evening! We will have performances happening simultaneously in six separate spaces throughout Sherwood High School: 1) PAC, 2) Choir Room, 3) Commons Classroom, 4) Classroom E10, 5) Classroom E13, and 6) Classroom E14.


Students are responsible for:

  • Knowing Their Performance Location & Order.
  • Communicating performance location & order to parents.
  • Warming up prior to performance in the band room.
  • Listening to at least 6 other SHS solo or ensemble performances throughout the evening.
  • Wearing Concert Attire.
  • Practicing & preparing their music to a high level so that it is enjoyable for the audience members.
  • Signing up & participating in either the event setup process after school (30 minutes)  OR the cleanup process after the event (20 minutes).

Parents – It will be a great evening with lots of student-prepared music. CHECK WITH YOUR STUDENT SO YOU KNOW WHAT ROOM THEY ARE PERFORMING IN & WHAT ORDER THEY ARE PERFORMING. Each performance length is different; some students have 3 minute performances, others go as long as 9 minutes. Good advice would be to check in with your performance area early to see where they are at on the schedule. There will be performance orders and numbers posted outside each room indicating which musician(s) is/are currently performing.

PLEASE DO NOT THINK OF THIS AS A TRADITIONAL CONCERT. THINK OF THIS AS MORE OF A MUSICAL ART GALLERY. You are allowed to sample from room to room and come and go at an appropriate time that works for your schedule. Please enter and exit performing spaces only during transitions. It will still be a formal performance setting, just more along the lines of a true Solo & Ensemble Festival.

SMB 2020 Camp Dates

SMB 2020 Camp Dates-Times.jpg

Greetings Band Families, The Sherwood HS Marching Band Camp Dates for 2020 are now available. A more detailed calendar will be distributed at our info meeting on Monday, June 1st at 6pm in the Performing Arts Center at Sherwood High School.

This meeting serves to provide some basic info regarding the marching band season. We talk about the calendar, what involvement looks like for both students and parents, and also we debut the music and concept for the 2020 show.

SYBC – No Camp in 2020; Will be back in 2021

Dear Middle School Parents & Students,

It is with regret to inform you that SYBC will be going on a one year hiatus. We will not be having a camp during the summer of 2020.

The reason for this is due to the fact that there is not adequate facility availability this summer in Sherwood. Half of the district buildings are under construction being fitted for their new facility roles with the SSD transition. The new SHS facility has road construction happening which won’t allow public access.

There is simply no space with adequate rehearsal & performance space with public access.

I am working on gathering a suggested list for alternate summer music camps for student’s interested in playing this summer. Camps can be found at

Sorry for the bad news. SYBC will be back full force in 2021!

P.S. – I still plan on finding a solution for the Robin Hood Parade Marching Band and will communicate that at a later date.

West Salem Jazz Festival Info – Jazz I, Jazz II, Combo

Dear Jazz Band Members & Chaperones, I’m really looking forward to Saturday, February 8th. While this is a competitive event, please focus on just making beautiful music, supporting each other AND other groups, and having fun at the guest artist Steve Houghton performance.

Below is a finalized itinerary for the jazz festival this Saturday.  Please bring a sack lunch/dinner or money for concessions (concessions info listed below).

Chaperones – I could use a couple of chaperones to hang out and be on hand for the day. For chaperones, I will have free admission tickets for you. Please let me know if you plan on riding the bus or driving.

Visitors will need to purchase a day pass to enter the festival.  Cost is $7.00 for adults; $5.00 for students, seniors, military; and free for children 5 and under.  All of our performers and chaperones will get in for free. 

The West Salem Band Boosters will host a concession stand serving Figaro’s pizza, Subway sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit, snacks, cold beverages and coffee.

Rhythm Section – The festival will provide a piano, drum set with high-hat stand and 2 cymbal stands, bass amp, guitar amp, and vibes for each performance venue.  You will need to bring your own cymbals and cords.provided for equipment.

West Salem Jazz Festival – Saturday, February 8th  

  • 7:15am – Call Time
  • 7:30 – Meeting in Band Room
  • 7:55 – Load Bus
  • 8:05 – Depart from Sherwood
    9:05 – Arrive
  • 9:30 – Jazz II Warmup
  • 10:00 – Jazz II Performs
  • 10:30 – Lunch/Listening
  • 2:00 – Steve Houghton Performance
  • 3:00 – Jazz I Warmup
  • 3:30 – Jazz I Performs
  • 5:00 – Combo Warmup
  • 5:30 – Combo Performance
  • 5:45 – Load Bus & Depart
  • 6:50 – Arrive and Unload
  • 7:00 – Students Go Home

Swingin’ the Green

SWG Banner

Please join us for a memorable evening with family and friends!

Plated Dinner * Online and Live Auction * Raffle * Games * Spirits

Featured Jazz Bands: LRMS, SMS, SHS Jazz 2, SHS Jazz 1

Light cocktail attire suggested.

Only 25 tables will be sold!

Reserve your private table for 10 and gather some family and friends to share it with. Register for the auction and purchase your tickets at the link

Thank you to our event sponsors:

SWG Sponsors

All of this info can be found regularly at



This is an annual festival offered to HS band students in our area. Students are encouraged to prepare either a solo piece with accompaniment or to participate in a small ensemble (duet, trio, etc.) and perform in front of a small audience and adjudicator. This adjudicator writes comments in regards to the quality of performance and also gives constructive feedback for our students. Anyone who has gone through this process will testify that you grow exponentially as a musician when you prepare and perform a solo piece of music. The performing experience coupled with the constructive feedback of a professional adjudicator is a priceless experience for our young musicians who are looking for a challenge and to push themselves beyond the average day of music class. Students who place at the top of their instrument will go on to perform at the OSAA state solo contest.

Wind Ensemble members are expected to participate in this event. Concert or Bowmen Band should strongly consider this additional performing opportunity even though it is not required!

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Participants – Sign up on Clipboard in Band Room & Get These Items to Mr. Stai by Tuesday, February 4.

  • Name(s) performing in solo or ensemble
  • Category (Flute Solo, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Duet, etc.)
  • Accompanist Name (if using accompanist)
  • Money – $11.50 check payable to SHS – Give to Debi Bear and bring Receipt back to Mr. Stai. We don’t normally handle payments this way, but for solo & ensemble we do. Thanks!
    • Individual Solo – $11.50
    • Small Ensemble – $11.50 per ensemble (A Duet would pay $5.75 each, a trio $3.83 each, a quartet $2.87 each, etc.) Ensembles, please have ONE person pay Debi Bear and bring a receipt back to Mr. Stai.
  • Scheduling preferences – Mr. Stai is not able to negotiate scheduling preferences. The best I can do is request an AM or a PM performance, and even that is no guarantee.

Help get people involved in this great activity! Our band program grows exponentially when our musicians participate in solo & ensemble!

Important Scheduling Note: This year’s solo & ensemble festival is on the same date as our Swingin’ the Green Fundraiser (same as last year and it worked out well).

Three Points of Focus in Band Classes

Dear Students & Parents – We have 3 focal points regarding our concert bands this winter:

  1. Basketball Band Music & Performances – January & February
  2. Solo & Ensemble Music, Recital, and District Festival – February & March
  3. Festival Music – March & April Performances

“Mom & Dad, I don’t have anything to practice right now.” – This is a phrase that you will not hear out of a Sherwood Band student’s mouth. Students should be practicing 3 times per week at a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

Students should be practicing their proficiencies, Basketball Music, Solo & Ensemble music, Festival Music.

Next Playing Proficiency is Due January 27th (Bowmen & Concert Bands Only).

Basketball Band –  We have 11 games the band is performing at during the basketball season. Remember that you must attend 5 games (Yes, you are more than welcome to attend more than 5 if you would like to).

Solo & Ensemble Recital –  In December we started talking about Solo & Ensemble in class. All students are expected to find a piece of music to perform as a soloist or as a small ensemble (Duet, Trio, Quartet, etc.). We have a ton of literature here in the Sherwood Band Room to select from. We then put on a recital night on Monday, March 2 as a band program. We will have approximately 6 rooms running simultaneously with performances throughout the course of the evening.

Students actively engaged in private lessons most likely already have their literature selected, and it is most likely in the ballpark of 5 – 7.5 minutes in duration.

Anyone who has gone through this process will testify that you grow exponentially as a musician when you prepare and perform a solo or ensemble piece of music. It is a priceless experience for our young musicians who are looking for a challenge and to push themselves beyond the average day of music class.

Soloists who are looking for Piano Accompanists:

  • Dani Aldinger 503-349-2191,
  • Ray Mckean –
  • Jane Mendenhall –
  • Carol Kelly – (503)804-9221 –
  • Ruth Ann Yerden – (360) 907-4309