Class Announcements 3-20 – District Band Festival & Disney Updates Edition

Announcements – 3/20
1 District Band Festival

·    Know Your Role Tonight & Be On Time – Setup Crew, Band Guide, Small Ensembles, Stage Crew, Clean Up Crew. “Your best ability is your dependability”

·    For Mass Piece, Be Solution Oriented. BRING PORTABLE STAND

·    Call Times

o 6:00pm – MS Guides (be in band room by 6:30pm)

§ Beginning Band – Store Cases in Gym

§ Int. & Adv. Band – Store Cases in Commons Classroom

o 6:30pm – Everyone Else

o 6:35pm – Stage Crew Meet in Mr. Stai’s Office

o 6:40pm we will run through Stars & Stripes in Band Room. Bring a portable music stand with your name written on it.

·    Concert Starts at 7:00pm

o Beginning

o Intermediate

o Advanced

o Bowmen (Sit behind MS Int. Band, Remember to Line up in hall)

o Concert (Sit behind MS Beginning Band, Remember to Line up in hall)

o W.E. (Sit behind MS Adv. Band, Remember to Line up in hall)

o Combined (BB & CB – Jump into a vacated space. Utilize music stands. Piccolos & Rope Drum Setup to side of Conductor (Borrow Stands from W.E. Flutes and Clarinets).

·    Be Supportive

o In Stands sit together and close to floor.

o Clap for other performers

o Don’t talk during performances.

o Body Language. You will be filmed multiple times as an audience member and performer.

·    Be Helpful

o Where MS can put their items

o Where they can sit.

o Percussion Help

o Stage Crew

2 Disneyland Notes:

·    3/21 Symphonic Band Rehearsal – 3:15pm – 4:30pm.

·    Performance 3/23 at 7:00pm

·    Business Casual = Nice clothing that you already own.

·    Turn in Behavior Contract to Mr. Stai. Print your name (readable)in upper left hand corner on paper.

·    Set Order: Simple Gifts, Fantasy, Locomotive, Disney

3 W.E. Notes:

·    Friday, April 6th – WOU Band Festival (During School)

·    Monday, April 9th – Rehearsal 3:15-5:00pm

·    Tuesday, April 10th – TRL Festival at Canby (Missing 4th & 5th Periods)

·    Signup to help Beginning Band Night at LRMS: Monday, April 16th

District Band Festival – Tuesday, March 20th 7:00pm in SHS Gym

Dear Parents & Students, We have our district wide band festival this Tuesday, March 20th at 7pm in the SHS Main Gym. This event involves every band student in the Sherwood School District between grades 6-12. You will hear all concert bands from the middle schools and high school. From SHS, we will be featuring our Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble.

Every SHS band member needs to sign up for one  concert duty that evening. Students can either sign up for setup from 3:00-3:40pm OR for cleanup as soon as the concert is over. Cleanup duties involve taking all equipment back to correct spaces (HS & MS), Chairs, Stands, and putting away the drum platform. Signup sheets are located inside the band room on the cabinet.

Looking forward to an exciting evening of music!

Winter Showcase Signup

Good morning Sherwood Band Families

We are in the week of Sherwood Winter Showcase!  Our High School is hosting a guard, winds and percussion competition this Saturday 3/17.  It takes an army to pull this off!  Thank you to those who have volunteered to help us already, there are still 65 spots that need to be filled.  Please head over to the following link and sign up to help for a couple of hours.  No experience needed, these are easy jobs to pick up quickly!  Ask your friend or neighbor to help you out and sign up today!
We really need more adults for parking team and for door monitors – particularly in the afternoon. We’re doing really good on the student spots, but we definitely need more adult volunteers.

Thank you for helping us pull off this awesome event!  If you have never witnessed a Winter competition, this is a perfect time to do so, very entertaining and amazing to see these talented students showcase their hard work!  All four of our Winter Groups will be performing as well!

Lennae Bishop
Sherwood Band Booster President

Class Announcements from 3/5

Announcements – 3/5
1 Great Job Thursday & Saturday to Soloists & Ensembles! It’s all about growing through the solo and ensemble process. Make sure you send your recording of your performance by Monday as Proficiency 7 to


2 Sherwood Winter Showcase is just around the corner on Saturday, March 17th.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  This is a band fundraiser where we host other schools that come to perform in a percussion, guard and wind competition.  WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK for this to be successful.  Please take a moment and go sign up for a shift.  Just follow the link :
3 W.E. Notes:

·    Next Rehearsal – Wed. March 7th @ 3:15pm

·    GFU Itinerary Posted – We will be Sight Reading at this festival

4 Disneyland Notes:

·    3/12 & 3/21 Symphonic Band Rehearsals – 3:15pm – 4:30pm.

District Solo & Ensemble Results 2018

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival Participants, I’m super proud of everyone who took the time and effort to take their music to the next level. In a lot of ways, Solo & Ensemble is the most challenging thing we do. The growth that is demonstrated from each musician through the journey helps constitute what we are able to achieve in our larger ensembles. I hope you all grew musically and learned something through the process.

I’m only posting OSAA Solo & Ensemble State Contest Qualifying results. I will explain what all of this means in class on Monday (lots of numbers and other variables come into play when listing who goes to the next level; only people who the judge recommends move on to state OR earn alternate titles). I will have everyone’s adjudication sheet by 2nd period.

Congrats to everyone who earned the adjudicator’s nod to be considered “state contest worthy”.

 2018 District Solo Results by Room


  • Anneka Prigodich – District 3rd Place – STATE (more than 31 in Category)

  • Rachel Guthrie – District 5th Place – 2nd Alternate STATE


  • Stephanie Brannan – District Champion – STATE


  • Olivia VanWinkle – District Champion – STATE


  • Alyssa Gorski – District 2nd Place – STATE (more than 15 in Category)

  • Robert Weener District 3rd Place – 1st Alternate STATE

High Sax

  • Jon Laus – District 3rd Place – 1st Alternate STATE

Low Sax

  • Ashley Ma – District Champion – STATE


  • Luke Bounpakob – District 3rd Place – 1st Alternate STATE

  • Megan Weener District 4th Place – 2nd Alternate STATE


  • Rachel Fasano – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE


  • Josh Busby – District 2nd Place – STATE (more than 15 in the Category)


  • Dylan McNab – District 3rd Place – 1st Alternate STATE


  • Joey Craighead – District Champion – STATE

  • Shannon Jackson – District 2nd Place – STATE

Mallet Percussion

  • Joey Craighead – District Champion – STATE

Orchestral Snare

  • Megan Allen – District 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE

Rudimental Snare

  • Maddie Jeans -District Champion – STATE

  • Lucas Thiele – District 2nd place – 1st Alternate STATE

  • Megan Allen – District 3rd place – 2nd Alternate STATE

  • Nathan Shipman – District 4th place – 3rd Alternate STATE

  • William Jensen – District 5th place – 4th Alternate STATE

Percussion Ensemble Large

  • Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble – District Champion – STATE
  • Concert Band Percussion Ensemble – District Champion – 1st Alternate STATE

Woodwind Ensemble Small

  • Trio – Denton, Fasano, Mulkey – District Champion – STATE
  • Homer/Dahl – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate  STATE

Woodwind Ensemble Large

  • WE Quintet – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE

  • WE Clarinet Choir – 3rd Place – 2nd Alternate STATE

Brass Ensemble Large

  • WE Trumpet Ensemble – District Champion – STATE

  • WE Brass Quintet – District 2nd Place – 1st Alternate STATE

UPDATED TIMES – March 3rd Solo & Ensemble

Kudos on the Recital Night last night everyone! 120 performances happened in 6 separate locations. That’s wild!

Now onto the next round! This next section is only for students who are participating in the OMEA District 14 Solo & Ensemble Festival at West Linn High School on Saturday, March 3rd.




March 3rd Solo & Ensemble Information, Reminders, and Good Ideas

  • Show up to West Linn HS about 45 minutes ahead of time  so that you can:
    • Figure out parking, which isn’t ideal out there.
    • Warm up in the Commons/Cafeteria Area
    • Find your room and be there 10 minutes before you perform.
    • There is NO REGISTRATION TABLE for this event. Follow the signs in the hallways.
    • Room Name defines where the kids are playing. Consult the maps for where rooms are located or follow signs when on site.
  • Make sure you bring an original copy of music (pencil mark free) for the adjudicator to read off of. (Do not bring a photocopy unless it’s an emergency).
  • Performance scores will be posted anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after the performance.
  • Wear Attire that is Classy (Err on the side of formal).
  • Make the performing space (stands, chairs) comfortable for your needs.
  • Optional – Tune to the piano in the room IF you are good at making tuning adjustments and ONLY IF you have plenty of time (your solo or ensemble piece is not too long).
  • Another Good Idea – Once you are done performing and are at peace with the world. Stay and listen to other musicians in your performing area, you can learn a lot and will be amazed by what other musicians are doing in our region.
  • ALSO – go listen to and support and clap for other Sherwood soloists and ensembles performing. Use the attached schedule to find them!