Class Announcements 2/27/17

Announcements 2/27/17
1 Tuesday, February 28th is a fundraiser night at Sherwood McMennamins. Spread the word!
2 Wednesday, March 1st – Basketball Playoff Game @ 7:00pm (Call time is 6:00pm) Sign-up sheet is on cabinet in band room.
3 Thursday, March 2nd – Recital Night. There will be an updated recital night schedule posted within the next 24 hours. There are a few shifts but most everyone is the same/similar.
4 Saturday, March 4th – OMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival Performance Times have been posted on the internet. Make sure you bring an original copy of music (pencil mark free) for the adjudicator to read off of. (Do not bring a photocopy unless it’s an emergency).
5 Proficiency 7 Due March 7th
6 Accompanists – Communicate Clearly & Efficiently what your schedule is!
7 Wind Ensemble Announcements Only:

·                  Sarah will be working with Horns during early lunch Tuesday, February 28th

·                  Dunja will be working with Clarinets during 2nd period Tuesday, February 28th

·                  Allan will be working with Trumpet during 2nd period Tuesday, February 28th

·                  Adam Mullen WILL NOT be here this coming Friday after school to work with Low Brass.

·                  George Fox Band Festival is Friday, March 10th. Check in with 4th and 5th period teachers to see what you will be missing. We should be back to SHS by 4:30pm.

March 4th – OMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival Performance Times @ West Linn HS

Warning – This email is ONLY for students who signed up to perform their solo or ensemble piece on Saturday, March 4th. This is a separate event than the recital night we are having this Thursday, March 2nd. 

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Times 2017 



March 4th Solo & Ensemble Information, Reminders, and Good Ideas

  • Show up to West Linn HS about 45 minutes ahead of time  so that you can:
    • Figure out parking, which isn’t ideal out there.
    • Warm up in the Commons/Cafeteria Area
    • Find your room and be there 10 minutes before you perform.
    • There is NO REGISTRATION TABLE for this event. Follow the signs in the hallways.
    • Room Name defines where the kids are playing. Consult the maps for where rooms are located or follow signs when on site.
  • Make sure you bring an original copy of music (pencil mark free) for the adjudicator to read off of. (Do not bring a photocopy unless it’s an emergency).
  • Performance scores will be posted anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours after the performance.
  • Wear Attire that is Classy (Err on the side of formal).
  • Make the performing space (stands, chairs) comfortable for your needs.
  • Optional – Tune to the piano in the room IF you are good at making tuning adjustments and ONLY IF you have plenty of time (your solo or ensemble piece is not too long).
  • Another Good Idea – Once you are done performing and are at peace with the world. Stay and listen to other musicians in your performing area, you can learn a lot and will be amazed by what other musicians are doing in our region.
  • ALSO – go listen to and support and clap for other Sherwood soloists and ensembles performing. Use the attached schedule to find them!


Sherwood Winter Groups Shine @ Columbia River Show

Bravo to all of our winter groups who performed at the Columbia River show yesterday!

  • Sherwood Percussion Ensemble – Placed 1st in Open class with “Civil”.
  • Sherwood Cadet Percussion Ensemble – Placed 3rd in AA class with “Phantom of the Opera”.
  • Sherwood Winter Winds – Placed 1st in A class with “Mandala”.
  • Sherwood Winter Guard – Placed 4th in AA with “Reflect”.

A huge shout-out to the students for their incredible amount of work over the last few months to get these shows up and running at such a high caliber. Students, make sure you thank your directors and staff!

Another round of applause to the parents who work with the winter directors to make sure everyone is taken care of and everyone has what they need.

Parents – Its never too late to get involved. There is almost as much help needed behind the scenes in the Winter as there is in the Fall. Please contact either Jeff Bush, Amy Jack, or Max Logan if you’d like to help out.

SPE Video:
Winds Video:


SHS Band Recital Night – March 2nd 6-8pm

Please reference these two attachments for your convenience:

Recital Night Student Program Order (2 pages)
Recital Night Program – Welcome

Students & Parents, our Solo & Ensemble Recital is Thursday, March 2nd at SHS at 6:00pm. All Bowmen Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble members will be performing a solo or an ensemble piece at this recital. This will be a major event as we have 125 performances throughout the course of the evening! We will have performances happening simultaneously in six separate spaces: 1) PAC, 2) Choir Room, 3) Commons Classroom, 4) Gym, 5) Classroom E11, and 6) Classroom E13.

Students are responsible for:

  • Knowing Their Performance Location & Order.
  • Communicating performance location & order to parents.
  • Warming up prior to performance in the band room.
  • Listening to at least 5 other SHS solo or ensemble performances.
  • Wearing Concert Attire.
  • Practicing & preparing their music to a high level so that it is enjoyable for the audience members.

Parents – It will be a great evening with lots of student-prepared music. CHECK WITH YOUR STUDENT SO YOU KNOW WHAT ROOM THEY ARE PERFORMING IN & WHAT ORDER THEY ARE PERFORMING. Each performance length is different; some students have 3-minute performances, others go as long as 8 minutes. Good advice would be to check in with your performance area early to see where they are at on the schedule. There will be performance orders and numbers posted outside each room indicating which musician(s) is/are currently performing.

PLEASE DO NOT THINK OF THIS AS A TRADITIONAL CONCERT. THINK OF THIS AS MORE OF A MUSICAL ART GALLERY. You are allowed to sample from room to room and come and go at an appropriate time that works for your schedule. Please enter and exit performing spaces only during transitions. It will still be a formal performance setting, just more along the lines of a true Solo & Ensemble Festival.

FYI – The Gym will probably be in performance until approx 9:30pm. 

Class Announcements 2/20/17

Announcements 2/20/17
1 Tuesday – Basketball Band 2/21

·      3:00pm Call Time – 3:45pm Game – United Game

·      5:45pm Call Time – 6:45pm Game – Girls

·      Girls are going to playoffs. More Bball Band to be scheduled

2 Thursday – David Shifrin Clarinet Workshop @ Beacock’s Music 4-6pm
3 Friday – SPE Performs @ Assembly
4 March 2nd – Recital Night at SHS 6:00pm – Check off list on cabinet
5 March 4th – OMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival @ West Linn HS
6 Accompanists – Communicate Cleary & Efficiently what your schedule is!
7 Proficiency 7 Due March 7th
8 2/24 – Perform Before & After Mayor’s Speech? Background music.
9 2/28 – Band Restaurant Night @ Sherwood McMenamins


Bravo to the Sherwood HS Wind Ensemble for an incredible musical performance at the All-NW conference in Bellevue on Saturday. Our musicianship was on display and garnered a lot of positive feedback from high school, collegiate, and honors ensemble conductors. Thank you parent chaperones, drivers, and Mr. Dyer for all of your help on this memorable experience. This concert was professionally recorded and I will let you know as soon as we have access to audio.