Cadet Winterguard

Love to perform? Want to learn how to dance? Join the new Sherwood youth performance ensemble, the Sherwood Cadet Winterguard! All middle school students are welcome and no experience is necessary. Rehearsals are on Thursdays in the Laurel Ridge MS Commons from 3:15-6:00. Members will learn dance and flag fundamentals as well as a competitive show. For more information, email

Parent/Guardian Information Meeting on December 14th at 5:00pm.


Class Announcements 12/12

Announcements – 12/12
1 PP#4 Was due Monday Morning by 7:00am
2 Tonight – Beacock’s Instrument Stepup Night
3  WEDNESDAY – WEAR CONCERT ATTIRE – We are taking group pictures. Both Jazz Bands will be taking pictures during zero period.

·      Basketball Band Binder – Should Already Be Assembled

·      Solo & Ensemble Music Determined This Week

·      Old Concert Music Recycled

·      New Concert Music – Write name on it & put in binder. It will take Mr. Stai at least another day or two to determine parts assignments and reorient chairs.

5 Basketball Band Signup Sheets are up! Sign up for 6 games only. Don’t sign up unless you are certain you can go to that game.
6 Playing Proficiency #5 Due Tuesday, January 16th

·      Email:

·      Subject: Name – Playing Proficiency #

Late Proficiencies or Do-Overs must be made up by next proficiency due date.


Angie Windheim Photography will be taking SHS Band Ensemble photos on Wednesday, December 13th during regular class time. Jazz 1 and 2 photos will be taken during zero period.  All students need to be in their concert attire for photos.  Please wear or bring all of your concert attire that day (don’t forget black socks!!)  Jazz photos will be full ensemble only, not by section.  Buddy shots and special requests honored as time permits.

Photo orders are due on picture day. Cash and checks are accepted with the printed out order forms (see attached – there are separate forms for each ensemble).  If purchasing photos for more than one ensemble, please print each ensemble order form needed.

Pre-ordered prints will be ready right after winter break with no shipping fee. After those are delivered, there will be a web gallery of the images. You will be able to order directly through the website at that time but note there will be a shipping fee as those will go directly to your desired address.

SHS Band Photo Order Form 2017

Basketball Band 2017-18

Our Basketball Band (comprised of Bowmen, Concert, and Wind Ens. members) will again be performing at the majority of boys & girls home league basketball games this year. This is another great opportunity for students to show off their music skills, add to our school culture, and earn points toward lettering in band.  It is fun music and a great environment to perform in!

Our Basketball Band will be performing at a total of 12 home games this year. We have signup sheets posted in the band room and I’ve asked each student to sign up for at least 6 different games. There will be a Performance Participation grade assigned to 6 basketball band performances by each student.

You’ll notice that this year there are two dates with double header games (1/9 & 1/19). At the double header games there will be a band performing at each game, and a separate sign-up sheet for each game is posted. Each of those games counts as one game, so participating in both games of a double header would count toward two different games (It is not recommended that brass players perform at both games at a double header due to endurance).

Basketball Band Games:

  • 1/3 – Wednesday @ 7:00pm (Boys) vs. Canby
  • 1/5 – Friday @ 7:00pm (Boys) vs. Tigard
  • 1/9 – Tuesday @ 5:45pm (Girls) vs. Lakeridge
  • 1/9 – Tuesday @ 7:15pm (Boys) vs. Lakeridge
  • 1/12 – Friday @ 7:00pm (Girls) vs. Lake Oswego
  • 1/19 – Friday @ 5:45pm (Girls) vs. West Linn
  • 1/19 – Friday @ 7:15pm (Boys) vs. West Linn
  • 1/23 – Tuesday @ 7:00pm (Girls) vs. Tualatin
  • 1/25 – Thursday @ 7:00pm (Girls) vs. Tigard
  • 1/30 – Tuesday @ 7:00pm (Girls) vs. Canby
  • 2/13 – Tuesday @ 7:00pm (Boys) vs. Newberg
  • 2/20 – Tuesday @ 7:00pm (Boys) vs. Tualatin


SMB Members – Remember to bring a festive hat! We will be wearing our bibs, marching shoes, and the black rain jackets that we have here.

Christmas Tree Lighting Parade – Saturday, December 2nd    

2:10pm – Call Time/Put on Uniform
2:40pm – Warmup

  • Formation
  • What to do when at tree
    • Formation close to crowd
    • Guard on top row
    • Drumline on middle row
    • No one on bottom row
    • Don’t talk when Santa is talking
  • Walking back in 2s

3:20pm – Load Buses & Depart from SHS
3:35pm – Arrive & Line Up
3:45 – Lineup
4:00 – Parade Begins
4:35 – Parade Over/Walk back to SHS
5:00 – Turn in Uniform/Cleanup
5:30 – Estimated Time Students will be excused

Beacock’s Instruments Have Arrived for Student Trial

The instruments from Beacock’s Music have arrived for our Stepup Night on Tuesday, December 12th. Student’s are welcome to try these instruments during class. They can also take them home if the student returns the paper slip with parent signature.


Instrument Stepup – Letter to Parents

Starting Monday, November 27th – For two weeks SHS band students will have the opportunity to play on some advanced instruments  and take them home which are provided to us by Beacock’s Music.  I am excited about this because it will give your student a chance to see, hear, and feel what it is like to play on something other than a beginning instrument. Our students work hard to make good music and to bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to themselves and our band program. At this point in the year, many families are considering making the change from renting an instrument to owning their own, or considering the possibility of purchasing an upgraded instrument. If you and your student are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please read the attached letter. Appointments to meet with Beacock’s Music will be scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th from 5-7pm.

Interested in checking out a step-up instrument overnight? Submit the form & talk to Mr. Stai if you are interested. Right now we have open-holed Yamaha Flutes, Buffet & Selmer Clarinets, Yamaha Alto Saxes, Allegro & Bach Trumpets, Allegro & Bach Trombones.