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SMB Calendar Updates/Changes

Calendar – Marching Band Dates 2017 rev.9-21

These are more of updates that changes. However, I did have the banquet listed on the wrong date. All new dates are reflected in PDF & Online Calendar. Please see calendar updates below:

  • Oct. 13th – Change call time to 8am – We will be getting suited up for Pictures, then rehearsing, then jumping on a bus and going to Grants Pass. We plan on be loading the bus just before 2:00pm that day.
  • Oct. 15th – We will be returning from Grants Pass circa 1:00pm
  • Oct. 20th – 9am-1pm rehearsal
  • Oct. 20th – Football Game – 5:30pm Call Time (Everyone is on their own for dinner, no dinner served that evening; If you need your hair done, Call time is 5:15; Start getting into uniform as soon as you arrive).
  • Nov. 9th – 7pm – SMB Banquet @ SHS

Prop Building Party this Saturday @ 8am

Want to see our props light up with LED lights this fall? One of them, two of them… all 10 of them?
Prop Building Work Party this Saturday, September 23 at 8:00 a.m.  Thank you to those who have responded that you can help!  Please let us know if you are able to help out if you  have not done so already.  We are hoping to have a full working crew that can get the props completed. We need volunteers that are knowledgeable in using a soldering pen/iron, stripping wires and following directions!
We also need more tools donated:
1.  Soldering Irons
2.  Heat Guns
3.  Wire Strippers
Please respond to if you have any questions or to let me know if you are available!  Thank you!

Band Class Announcements – 9/20/17

Announcements – 9/20
1 Back to School Night Reprise – Are your parents receiving the info from the web page? Did you show them the performance calendar?
2 Concert Attire Recap

·      Girls Submit Forms by October 1st

·      Boys – Sign up for a fitting at Remington’s Sept. 21 & 22

3 All State Band/Jazz Auditions –

·      Recordings due by the 28th

·      Pay the $13

·      Make sure you are practicing your audition (it’s a competitive field!)

·      Know how to create a quality recording of yourself (Mr. Stai has a flier online).

4 Pep Band Uniform Fittings Tonight @ 8:15pm (for students that have prearranged being in pep band with Mr. Stai).
5 Disneyland Trip Payment #3 Due October 1st – $220
6 SMB Payment #4 Due October 2nd – $100
7 Small Ensemble Extra Gigs – Please communicate with Mr. Stai

·      Sleighbells (Christmas Selections)

·      Canticle Choir – Jared Porter Presentation

California Trip!

Good Morning Band Families!

Many of you are aware (and have paid the $100 non refundable deposit for the California Band Trip for this coming spring (March 26-30).  This e-mail serves as a “Last Call” for student grades 9-12 who did not get a chance to sign up to attend this trip.  We need to finalize our numbers for plane tickets and hotel tickets to avoid cancellation penalties by Friday, September 29th.
This e-mail also serves as a reminder of the payment schedule:
$100 non-refundable deposit (due last June)
$220 Due 9/1/17
$220 Due 10/1/17
$220 Due 11/1/17
$220 Due 1/1/18
$220 Due 2/1/18
These payments should be made out to Sherwood High School, in the memo section please write students name and California Trip.  Please stay current on your band trip payments as we have airfare, hotel and bus deposits all being paid out currently.
Please watch your inbox for an email from me to verify that I have you down as a Chaperone.  If you are interested in being a chaperone, and you did not receive an e-mail from me, please e-mail me at and I will let you know if we still need more chaperones.  The Chaperones have a separate room block at the hotel where students are staying, and can pay Sherwood Band Boosters for the trip.  Thank you for being willing to help make this a safe and successful trip for our students.
We are working with a travel agent, Jenny Thrasher, Tiara Travels, to take care of our students travel.  She has blocked off 5 rooms in the same hotel as the band.  If you would like to stay in the same hotel, please follow this link, you can view it HERE and Jenny will get you set up for the trip. She can assist with other accommodations that will align with the students as well.
Exciting plans are being made!  More detailed information to come shortly.
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President
Here is the original e-mail we sent out last year for more information:

Dear Band Parents & Students Grades 8-11,

The Sherwood HS Band Program will be taking a trip to Southern California on March 26-30, 2018. During this trip we plan to: spend a couple of days in Disneyland & California Adventure Parks, participate in a cinematic studio recording experience with a professional Disney musician/composer (who will then place our recording to animation), perform on one of the main stages in the Disneyland Park, and observe the L.A. Philharmonic.

The Total Cost is $1200.  This cost will include: Airfare, Charter Bus, Hotel, park and activity admissions, breakfast everyday and one other meal each day.  Your student will be responsible for bringing money for souvenirs, and food /snacks for at least one meal a day.

Payment Due Dates:

  • June 1 – $100 (Non-Refundable – Hotel Deposit)
  • September 1 – $220
  • October 1 – $220
  • November 1 – $220
  • January 1 – $220
  • February 1 – $220

Please follow this payment process carefully:

  • Turn in payment to lockbox inside band room.
  • Make checks payable to Sherwood High School (NOT the band boosters).
  • In Memo section, write Student Name – California Trip

Back to School Night Reprise

If you missed our Back to School Night at SHS, here are the “Big Three” points that were covered in band. I did go into a little bit of detail regarding each ensemble, however for website purposes I’m going to just express the “Big Three”.

  1. Calendar of Performances – Calendars (pink handout) went home last week. Look for your specific ensemble for performing dates. Calendars are also located on band website.
    • Do not miss concert or festival performances. Music class is much like farming. It is a lot of hard work with lots of hours involved. Putting on performances, or reaping the harvest of our efforts, happen few and far between. Its always sad when a student doesn’t get to reap the reward of their efforts. Its also sad for the student’s musical teammates and ensemble members who end up performing minus the sound they are used to playing next to in class. It really matters.
  2. Communication – My communication will come to you en masse from this webpage. Please make sure you are subscribed to this site to receive communication. It is the most efficient way for me to reach our band population and also gives parents access to info in the case of an email getting deleted.  Our Booster President, Lennae Bishop (, will also communicate regarding band info via the Sherwood Band Boosters.
  3. Playing Proficiencies – Covered these a bit at the curriculum night and have been covering them quite a bit in class. Each ensemble has a different set of  proficiencies.

One more big one that was not covered as much is our Band Handbook 2017-2018. I am going through it one page at a time with our classes. Its a lot of structure and content and we are literally taking it one bit at a time.

Program Overview –

Band Director:  Brant Stai – 5th Year/Super Senior Year at SHS. 14th year of teaching overall.


  • Bowmen Band -Grade 2-3 Level Literature
    • What is Band at Sherwood High School?
      • Various Ensembles & Levels of Depth
      • Bowmen, Concert, Wind, Jazz Ensembles, Winter Percussion & Guard, SMB
      • All Ensembles performing at a high level
      • Welcoming, Friendly Atmosphere for all students
    • Practice should be happening 5 times per week (20 minute sessions).

Concert Band – Plays Grade 3-4 Level Literature.

    • Not the same time or practice commitment as Wind Ensemble but the standard for performance doesn’t change. Lifelong appreciation for music and creativity.
    • Practice should be happening 5 times per week (25 minute sessions).
  • Wind Ensemble – Plays Grade 4-5 Level Literature.
    • Wind Ensemble Grades & Naviance – Must Meet OSAA Standards
    • One Sectional Per Week Starting in January
    • Extra rehearsals after school, as assigned.
    • Festival performances are very important. We perform and compete and we go for it. It’s fun.

Concert Attire Payments/Fittings Due This Week

Good afternoon band families,

I had the opportunity to do some measurements/sizing for your band students’ concert attire last Thursday.  I hope that your student came home and told you the follow up to that measurement would be to pay for their attire.  I am attaching the required concert attire information sheet for both boys and girls to this e-mail.

If your son does not need slacks, there is not need to go to Remington’s for a fitting.  I know what size shirt and vest he needs and you can just make the appropriate payment for Shirt ($25), Tie ($10) and/or vest/tie combo ($30).
Bowmen Band only needs Black shirt, tie and slacks.  Concert Band needs Black shirt, tie, vest and slacks.  Wind Ensemble needs Tuxedo, vest, shirt  and tie.  Once again, if your son does not need to be fitted for a tuxedo or slacks, please send a payment for the shirt/tie or vest made payable to Sherwood Band Boosters to the school and have them place it in the lock box outside Mr. Stai’s office.  I will order those items for your son and they will be delivered to the school.  Here is the link to volunteerspot for those who need to have a fitting appointment made for slacks or a tuxedo: . Please note that this sign up is the deadline for ordering attire from Remington’s.  If you are not able to attend the listed fitting dates/times, please contact Remington’s Directly and schedule a fitting at a more suitable time for you THIS WEEK.  Their phone number is listed on the attached flyer. Same day appointments are welcome. You are welcome to purchase your other items at Remington’s while you are out there instead of paying for the shirt etc. to the school.
I had dresses for your daughters to try on to determine the appropriate size.  If they need to order a dress, the cost is $72 made payable to Sherwood Band Boosters.  They can place the cash or check in the lockbox located outside Mrs. Stai’s office, hopefully by the end of this week.  We will do one large group order for the dresses and they will be delivered to the school for your daughter to bring home.
Please contact Tina Brannan at  with any questions.
Thank you
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President

Football Game, Marching Band, Props, Help Please!

Hello Band Families,

Come watch the Football game tonight and see our band perform at halftime!  It is amazing to see their progress with their performances as the weeks go by!  We would like to invite you to visit Handel’s Ice Cream Shop AFTER the game, they were generous in sponsoring the Marching Band this season and they are keeping their doors open late on football game nights so stop by for a treat and thank them for supporting the band!
Here are the work items I need in the upcoming week, if you can help with any of these requests, please respond to this e-mail!
1.  I am going to be working on the props (Just creating the mirrors) during the day next Wednesday 9/20.  The job is kind of a team effort and I need 1 or two helpers to get it done.
2.  I need someone with a truck to drive to Eugene…The U of O Marching band is going to lend us their drum set cart for the marching band season.  The dimensions of the cart are: 5’6″ X 6’6″X 13″ tall.  I will give further details if you are able to go there this coming week.
3.  Mr. Stai sent out a work crew parent request for next Saturday, September 23.  We need parents to help get the props complete!  We will start working at 8:00 a.m. and work until it is finished.  Please help us get the props finished by attending this work party!  Please respond to this e-mail if you are able to come and indicate what time you are able to be there.
4.  Part of the work party includes soldering.  If you have soldering irons/guns that you can let us borrow please let me know, we will take good care of them and return them when we are finished.
5.  We are looking to borrow generators for this marching band  season.  If you or your family/friends have an extra generator or two that we could borrow, will you please let me know?  We would be able to return it/them after final competition on November 4.  
6. I mentioned this over the microphone at Premier, but here it is in writing…We really need the funds to purchase a new storage solution for the band.  This is an added expense to our budget this year.  We have a couple of options that would work great that range from $3400-$4000.  The school has approved a site for us to place the storage unit, now we just need to be able to purchase the unit.  If you have any knowledge or resources to assist in this financial request, please let me know.
Thank you for helping me with this list of requests!
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President

SMB – Friday Itinerary & Reminders

SMB Members – Here is the itinerary for Friday’s Game. Remember to wear your show shirt to school, hydrate, and bring your fully completed dot book ready to turn in for inspection and hydrate.


Friday, September 15th   

3:30 – Baseball Field – Warmup
3:50 – On & Off Process Reviewed – Chunk Through Show.
4:40 – Run- Through of Show
5:00 – Dinner
5:40 – Uniforms
6:30 – Line Up/Pick Up Shako and go to Bleachers
6:40 – Drumline goes to Locker rooms & Band goes to tunnels with SL’s – duts.
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
7:00 – Game Starts
9:15 – Game Over/Packup