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December 5 Concert Update – Two Showings & Tickets

Dear Band Students & Parents, I run into the same dilemma each year we try to have a concert in our SHS Auditorium. We are limited to 275 seats, which limits students to approx. 1.9 guests per student (1.9 guests per 1 student). Due to this complication we are making the same shift again this year with our Winter Concert as the past two years. In contrast to what is actually stated on the performance calendar handed out at the beginning of the year; we will be giving two performances total that day. We also will be selling tickets to these performances. Please read the following carefully.

We’ve had seating capacity issues with our Auditorium at SHS. Last year we solved this seating issue by having two performances of our December concert, and then again in the spring moving our April concert to the main gym, and also moving our May Finale concert to George Fox University.  All of these solutions worked well for us and we plan on recreating these solutions again this year.

For the December 5th concert we are going to have 2 showings. There will be a matinee performance at 5:15pm and an evening performance at 7:30pm. We will feed the band members in between performances. The evening will progress as follows:

4:45pm – Student Call time in Concert Attire
5:15pm – Matinee performance – Bowmen Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble
Dinner provided to students after each band’s performance through boosters.
7:30pm – Evening performance – Jazz Band, Bowmen Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble
9:15pm – Approx. Concert Over

Tickets – To be sold online at and also at the door. We will sell up to 250 tickets per show:

  • Matinee (5:15pm) Price is $5 per ticket
  • Evening (7:30pm) Price is $10 per ticket

We want everyone to be able to attend so financial/ticket assistance is provided. Please contact Mr. Stai for 2 complimentary matinee tickets. Proceeds will go toward Bauman Auditorium rental and student dinner.Capture

Jazz II Info & Signups

Jazz II begins on Wednesday, November 13th at 7am in the PAC. I am excited to say that Nathanael Ankeny, professor of saxophone and jazz studies at George Fox University, will continue leading our Jazz II program again this year.

Jazz II will meet 2 times per week. We will start on Mondays & Wednesdays from November 13-December 4 from 7:00-7:50am. Then, starting on December 10th we will begin meeting Tuesdays & Thursdays for the remainder of the year. This scheduling shift is due to Nathanael’s GFU teaching schedule. This ensemble will also potentially meet on a Friday as they near performances (Friday schedule TBD).

We are not holding auditions for this ensemble. Jazz II is open for currently enrolled band students who are interested in learning or developing their skills on a jazz instrument. We are looking for students who have a good attitude, willing to practice, and show up on time.

Jazz II will perform about 3-4 times during the school year in 2020. Our first performance will be at the West Salem Jazz Festival on Saturday, February 8th.  Other performances will be Swingin’ the Green (March 7), and Stella by Starlight (May 26). There also may be one other performance TBD.

If you are interested, please sign up on the signup sheet located on the cabinet inside the band room. 

Looking forward to getting jazz going again! See you the morning of Wednesday, November 13th at 7am in the PAC!

SMB – Thank You, Banquet, Football Playoffs

A big thank you to the Sherwood HS Marching Band & Colorguard who concluded this season with earning 4th place in the Northwest! It took an enormous team effort to get us to the caliber of finals level performance that we enjoyed at finals this past Saturday. A huge thanks to all students, parents, and staff who made it all happen.

I am very proud of our students. They have worked hard and done everything their staff has asked of them to put this demanding and artistic product on the field. This year was so much fun for me. I love these kids, this staff, and the parent team we had working for us; yes the days were long and the season gets exhausting, but it was time well spent with some great people creating an incredible product! At the end of it all, we created several amazing performances that will last each one of these students for a lifetime. My hope is that my students will go on in life to pursue their skills and passions whether it be architecture, building rocketships, curing illnesses, serving others, etc. all while still retaining that appreciation of individual hard work and team sacrifice. Our students continues to usher in a new levels of accomplishment, class and humility and I couldn’t be more proud of them for that.

It takes a village to create a marching band show, instruct a marching band show, and support a marching band show. A huge debt of gratitude to our design staff who went to the drawing board again and again and again. A colossal debt of gratitude to our instructional staff who put in countless hours of rehearsal trying to connect with each student and teach and elevate them to higher levels. And then of course, another huge debt of gratitude to our parent volunteers who put in gargantuan hours showing up early and staying late to help facilitate, create props, cook, haul, set up, tear down, and commute distances and put in long hours to support this program and each student. It takes all of these people to make our show what it was. It takes all of these people to create those memorable performances that will last a lifetime. Take away any of these elements and we are merely a fraction of what we were able to accomplish.

Thank you all very much and congratulations on a successful season!!!

Here is a video link of the show from our finals run:

Now to some important details…

Thursday, November 7th – SMB Banquet – We will have our Marching Band & Colorguard Banquet on Thursday, November 7th at 7pm in the SHS Commons. There will be dessert involved, pictures, certificates,  and video production of our show. The dessert is a potluck dessert so please check your email for communication from our booster president regarding those details. I hope to see you all there!

Friday, November 8th  – We have a home playoff game this Friday against McNary HS. We will NOT be wearing uniforms. Bring warm gear to wear for whatever weather is. We are not performing our halftime show.  Non-Marching band students are welcome to join us in the stands for playoff games (students need to talk to Mr. Stai in advance so he knows to add you to the roster).

Is the marching band show over? Yes! We are done rehearsing and performing our halftime show. Enjoy the newly acquired time off and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done!

SMB Championships Itinerary Saturday, Nov. 2 at Autzen Stadium

Dear SMB Members & Parents, Thank you for a great season. I’m really impressed with our students, leadership, staff, and the army of volunteers that make it all go. When I step back and look at it from the bird’s eye view, it’s really incredible. Great People & Great Music. I couldn’t be happier with our team.

Saturday is going to be a celebration of the wonderful feats achieved by our students, designers, and parent volunteers. Weather it be Sun, Wind, Rain, Monsoon… Be in the moment & savor every minute.

Here is the student schedule for the NWAPA Championships/Festival of Bands at Autzen Stadium this Saturday, November 2. Some items to note:

  • Students will be fed throughout course of the day. There will also be concessions sold at Autzen Stadium.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform.
  • Girls/Guys with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Students can/should bring homework to do on the bus. There will be times throughout the bus ride and day where students can complete homework. There will also be moments in the day where the student in the role of a “performer” and also in the role of an “audience member” in an educational setting. Homework is allowed during the “free times”.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 ticketsat the gate to view performance.
  • Parents: There is a $5 fee for parking at Autzen Stadium

Important: Students must meet grade expectations in order to perform.

Important: Students must have SMB fees paid in full in order to compete.

Championships Show Student Schedule.v1

Time Description
8:45 Call Time/Attendance/Announcements/Time for a few Buns & Braids
9:15 Load Buses
9:30 Buses depart Sherwood
11:30 Arrive at Autzen Stadium. Percussion Prep Equipment. Buns & Braids Continued.
11:45 Brunch Meal in Bag. Winds & Colorguard go to stands to Observe 2-3 groups.
12:25 Percussion Uniforms On
12:45 Percussion Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
12:55 Winds Uniforms On
1:15 Winds Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
1:40 Colorguard Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
2:36 End Percussion Ensemble, Break-down Front Ensemble
2:46 Percussion/Winds/Colorguard move to Gate. Prop Coordination.
2:56 Gate. Front Ensemble arrive early to get gear through.
3:09 Prelims Performance
3:27 Group Picture
3:40 Return Equipment to Camp, Debrief, Out of Uniform, Return to Stands for Awards
4:25 Prelims Awards
5:00 Dinner/Relax
6:35 Percussion Uniforms, Personal Items on Bus
6:55 Percussion Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
7:05 Winds Uniforms, Personal Items on Bus
7:25 Winds Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
7:35 Colorguard Move to Warmup Area & Begin Warmup
8:30 End Percussion Ensemble, Break-down Front Ensemble.
8:40 Percussion/Winds/Colorguard move to Gate. Prop coordination.
8:50 Gate (estimated)
9:01 Performance (estimated)
9:15 Return to Camp, Debrief, Out of Uniforms, Grab and Go Snack Bag, Return to Stands for Awards.
9:15 Call time for Uniform Breakdown Crew
10:00 Finals Awards Ceremony
10:30 Students Help Packup Camp
10:50 Board buses/attendance, trucks leave for SHS
11:00 Buses leave for SHS
1:00 Buses arrive at SHS, Students Help with Unload Process
1:10 Students available for pickup


SMB Schedule This Week

SMB Rehearsals this Final Week:

Friday, November 1 – Stadium Field
4:00pm – Dinner (Provided by Boosters)
5:00 – Rehearsal  (Stadium available for band at 5pm).
8:00 – Truck Load
8:45 – Students Dismissed 

Wednesday, October 30 – Stadium Field – 5:30-9:00

Tuesday, October 29 – Baseball Field – 3:15-6:15

Other Items of Note:

  • MS Assembly Performance Update: Originally there was an assembly performance on the calendar this week at SMS. This was canceled as it was not an availabe week for the middle school schedule.
  • Saturday’s Championships Itinerary will be sent in a separate correspondence.
  • Marching Band Banquet Celebration – Thursday, November 7 at 7:00pm in SHS Commons

Poinsettia, Wreath, See’s Candies

The wreath and poinsettia fundraiser is here!  Your band students received their order form packets today.  All wreath and poinsettia prices are the same as last year.  We have also added See’s Candies!  They offer great products at varying prices to satisfy all sorts of gift giving needs!

Important dates for you to know:
Monday, Oct. 21 – Packets handed out to students
**Monday, Nov. 4 – Orders and money due**
Thursday, Nov. 14 – Poinsettia vouchers delivered to students (please make sure to get this handed out to your buyers as soon as you can)
Nov 20 thru Dec 4th – Vouchers used at ANY Al’s Garden Center
Tuesday, Dec. 3 – Wreath orders and See’s Candies to be picked up at SHS.  Time is TBD.
Please remember all checks should be payable to SHERWOOD BAND BOOSTERS and all money should be collected at time of order.
This is the fundraiser that band students and our community enjoy the most!  All proceeds go directly back to the Sherwood Band Program!
Thank you for your support and happy selling!
Tara Clark
VP Fundraising

Sherwood Band Boosters