West Salem Jazz Band Festival – Febraury 12

Dear Jazz Band Members & Chaperones, I’m really looking forward to the West Salem Jazz Festival coming up on Saturday, February 12th. This is both an educational and a competitive event. Please focus on just making beautiful music, supporting each other AND other groups, and having fun at the guest artist Mike Tomarao performance.

Food – Please bring a sack lunch and plenty of snacks. There will be NO concessions sales this time at the festival due to covid policies. Also, with all of the anxiety over covid policy, I’m not going to stop at a fast food restaurant on the way home this time. Please bring food.

Masks – All participants must wear masks when not performing.

Chaperones – I could use a couple of chaperones to hang out and be on hand for the day. For chaperones, I will have free admission tickets for you. Please let me know if you plan on riding the bus or driving.

Visitors will need to purchase a day pass to enter the festival. Cost is $10.00 for adults; $5.00 for students, seniors, military; and free for children 5 and under. All of our performers and chaperones will get in for free.

Rhythm Section – The festival will provide a piano, drum set with high-hat stand and 2 cymbal stands, bass amp, guitar amp, and vibes for each performance venue. You will need to bring your own cymbals and cords provided for equipment.

Below is a finalized itinerary for the jazz festival.

West Salem Jazz Festival – Saturday, February 12
9:15am – Call Time
9:30 – All Groups Meeting in Band Room
9:50 – Load Bus
10:15 – Depart from Sherwood
11:15 – Arrive
12:00 – Sherwood Silver Combo Warmup
12:30 – Sherwood Silver Combo Warmup
1:00 – Mike Tomaro Performance
2:30 – Sherwood Crimson Combo Warmup
3:00 – Sherwood Crimson Combo Warmup
3:30 – Jazz I Warmup
4:00 – Jazz I Performs
4:30 – Jazz II Warmup
5:00 – Jazz II Performs
5:45 – Load Bus & Depart for Dinner
7:00 – Arrive and Unload
7:15 – Students Go Home