All Bands – Proficiencies Posted for 2015-2016

Proficiencies have now been posted for Bowmen Band, Concert Band, & Wind Ensemble on their respective pages. We will be talking about how to turn in proficiencies during class today. Our first proficiency (major scales) is due October 5th and is material that we have been working on for the past week.

Bowmen Band Proficiency List 2015-2016

Concert Band Proficiency List 2015-2016

Wind Ensemble Proficiency List 2015-2016

Sherwood High School Band Proficiencies are playing tests graded using the proficiency playing test rubrics. Each band has been assigned a developmentally appropriate & achievable sequence. Each proficiency is to be turned in electronically via email to Mr. Stai by 7am on the designated due date.

Email Proficiencies to:
Subject Heading Must Include: Your Name, Proficiency Number (Example: Miles Davis, Proficiency #1)