Uniform Fitting Tomorrow and Wednesday

If you have not already signed up for a time slot for uniform fitting, please do so at the link below: http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/28-61976269845
We also need parent volunteers to help with fittings and measurements on Wednesday morning and afternoon. If you are able to assist, please visit the link above and sign up for a volunteer slot. It’s easy, fun, and you get to meet all of our outstanding marching band students!

Sherwood Places 2nd

Our Sherwood Bowmen placed 2nd in this year’s 100th Anniversary Grand Floral Parade. The combined efforts of the band, guard and cheer made our 1st appearance memorable.

Our students were amazing and represented our school, community and program to over 20 million viewers in the most positive way.

Thank you!



Letter from the Director

Dear Students, Parents and other SHS Band supporters,

I am writing in hopes to bring clarity to questions which may have risen since the news of the restructuring of the middle school programs and how it will affect the Sherwood High School Instrumental Program. There are many variables in which will not be known until next week, but I can share these facts with you at this time.

SHS Band will offer all existing courses and programs for the 2012-13 school year.

Marching Band
The marching band will operate at 100% and will participate in the NWAPA Northwest circuit. The program may have a change in staff members, but will continue to strive to be the best band possible. We are not able to offer a $100 discount for dual season enrollment, but the boosters will have scholarships available for those in need.  Financial need should not be a deterrent for a student to participate. Please contact the boosters if you are in need of assistance. It is more important than ever for all parents to play an active role to support our programs. We are excited for the potential success the band can achieve due to the returning leadership and talented incoming members. The 2012-13 season will be our best yet! All commitment forms are expected to be returned today but will be accepted throughout the rest of next week.

Jazz Band

Impact: The only potential impact to these groups will be a potential decrease in members for coming years. The middle school restructuring will create a logistical challenge for 1 teacher to direct 2 middle school jazz bands.

Plan: SHS will continue to offer jazz I and II. The boosters are already brainstorming ways in which we can continue to offer a full offering of jazz at the middle level

Wind Ensemble/Concert Bands

The 2012-13 season is anticipated to be our most successful year ever! The number of incoming talent far exceeds the talented students graduating. Enrollment for these classes marks a 20% increase for this coming year. Our goal is to once again is to strive for league championship and work towards State Championship. The bands will participate in a spring trip.

Winter Percussion

If the numbers are high (20-25) we will be able to support this program.  We will continue to work towards being the best in the circuit.

Middle School Percussion Ensemble (NEW)

Impact: At this time, neither middle schools provide individualized percussion instruction. Since the deletion of the percussion class at SMS, the high school numbers have been declining.

Plan: efforts will be directed to providing an after school middle school percussion ensemble to ensure the skill sets of incoming students will be at a level in which they can participate in our marching and winter groups. This middle school group will be fee/booster supported.

Although, the situation in which we face is a difficult and sobering reality which will impact students and learning, I fully commit to continue providing an exemplary instrumental program at the High School level.  Thank you all for your support and continued dedication to our program.

Grand Floral Parade







Saturday June 9th 2012

What to bring….

  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Sack lunch

7:30am- Arrive at SHS if you need your hair braided

7:45am- All other members arrive at SHS

  • Get into uniform
  • Make sure to have long black socks


  • Load bus


  • Unload bus
  • Go directly to warm-up areas


  • Start marching! Our number is B-12. We are in the #60 for entries


  • Disband and load bus back to Sherwood


  • Arrive in Sherwood


This Saturday is our 1st can drive. Its a  pretty simple way to raise funds for our band.

Due to other band commitments this day, we are short handed. If your student is not participating in percussion camp or Silverton Jazz Festival, then we need your help. Please contact Corrie Fewx (corrie.fewxatgmail.com) if you are able to help

Friday 2:00-4:00pm– The kids meet after school and hang flyers throughout the neighborhoods in Sherwood (NO door knocking on doors, NO talking to people VERY QUICK AND EASY!)
Saturday 9:00am– volunteers and students meet at SHS front parking lot and divide to teams.
Some kids will drive with parents to collect bags of cans on the front doors of the homes they put flyers out on the day before (again NO knocking on doors, NO talking to people VERY QUICK AND EASY!)
Some kids will stay behind to sort the cans into clean bags to drop off at the recycling center.