SMB Itinerary & Info: 10/8 Sherwood Fall Showcase

Dear SMB Members & Parents, This is going to be a very fun Saturday! That being said, the logistics surrounding hosting our own show makes this different for us. Parents, please pick up and drop off students near the tennis court parking lot. 

We will not have a campsite per usual. We will utilize the band room area of the school much like we typically do for football games and will not be setting up camp in the parking lot (other schools will be doing this per usual).

SMB Members can only be in the band room area when you are putting uniforms on/off, to get equipment, and for designated warmups per schedule. Do not hang out in the band room area. Only eat in the designated eating areas in the school. Members are NOT allowed to go beyond the commons area restrooms. We need to stick to our corner of the school, it is the only supervised area and the only area covered by custodial staff services. We cannot make instrument sounds that can be heard from the stadium field, so the back band room door will be closed. Access to the band room will be along the brick wall on the west side of the school (band room wall/where we normally serve food), into the loading dock area, and through the back doors into the long hallway.

Warmup Areas for Sherwood:
Winds: Auditorium (Music), Loading Dock (Visual)
Percussion: Band Room, Black Box, Front of School
Colorguard: Commons(Finals only)/Outside

Here is information and the student schedule for the Shrewood Fall Showcase this Saturday, October 8 at Sherwood High School. Some items to note:

  • Students will be fed Lunch & Dinner throughout the course of the day. There will also be concessions sold on site.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform.
  • Anyone with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.
  • NWAPA Link: Here is a link to our marching circuit site with more info
  • NWAPA Link Show Schedule:

Important: Students must be caught up on SMB fees through Payment #3 (See Calendar, Payment Schedule) in order to compete.

Sherwood Schedule – 2022

8:30 AMCall time for kids who need hair done
8:45 AMMarching Leadership Meeting
9:00 AMCall Time in Band Room for everyone else/Move Gear to Field for Rehearsal/Hair Continued
9:30 AMRehearsal on Upper Field
10:30 AMRun-through, Move Gear
11:00 AMSack Lunch
11:45 AMUniforms On
12:15 PMMove to Warmup Zones
12:30 PMQuick/Abbreviated Warmup
1:15 PMPercussion Moves to Gate (Winds & Guard Move at 1:20)
1:33 PMGate. Front Ensemble arrive early to get gear through.
1:48 PMPrelims Performance
2:03 PMReturn Equipment
2:20 PMSMB Meet in Auditorium
2:35 PMOut of Uniform, Out to Terraces for Prelims Awards
3:00 PMPrelims Awards (gather together on terrace, cheer respectfully) then down time until dinner (stay on campus, near band room & commons; do not wander school).
3:30 PMDown Time
4:00 PMDinner
5:00 PMUniforms On
5:30 PMMove to Warmup Zones
5:45 PMWarmup
7:25 PM* All move to Gate.
7:39 PM* Gate
7:54 PM* Finals Performance
8:09 PM* Return to Band Room, Debrief, Out of Uniforms, Turn Uniforms In, Percussion Pack-up Room,
Color Guard Move Tables Back in Commons, Return to Terraces to Watch GP
8:30 PMFinals Awards Ceremony
9:00 PMAll Members to help clean-up bleachers and used areas, Once finished, check in with volunteer coordinators to see what else needs to be done. Band Room Crew, work in Band Room area.
10:00 PMStudents available for pickup (use lot near tennis courts)

This is going to be an exciting day for us! Be mindful with nutrition & hydration. Get as much rest as possible. Looking forward!!!