SMB Itineraries 8/31-9/2

Dear SMB Members & Families, Here are the itineraries for this week. We have an adjusted call time for tonight for people with long hair (if you’re able to accomodate, great; if not, we’ll get it worked out). We also have two pep assemblies this week that involve SMB WW/Brass/Drumline members only. Finally, we have the itinerary for our football game on Friday, September 2; we will be sharing halftime with Dance & Cheer.

Friday, September 2 – Football Game  

Wear Show Shirts to School

4th/5th Period – Get music Stands out & tape off bleachers.

3:50 – Upper Field Rehearsal – Warmup, On & Off Process Reviewed – Chunk Through Show. Front Ensemble Warmup in the Band Room.

4:45 – Transition back to band room

4:50 – Dinner. Everyone chills out. No playing, drumming, spinning. Conserve Energy.

5:35 – Uniforms (Drumline through first, at some point prior to game we need to setup drum stands in bleachers)

6:25 – Line up to go outside  

6:30 – Winds/Guard/F.E. go to Bleachers

6:45 – Drumline staged to lead team to field
6:55 – National Anthem & Fight Song
7:00 – Game Starts
* 2nd Quarter – Colorguard/Front Ensemble/Microphone Soloists leave stands to prepare for half time. Also, Pit Crew Volunteers go to band room.
* 3rd Quarter – with 2:00 remaining on game clock, be back in bleachers and ready to play.
9:15 – Approx. Game Over/Check-in Uniforms/Packup/Cleanup
9:45 – Go Home 

Friday, September 2 – All School Pep Assembly – SMB WW/Brass/Drumline Members Only9:05 leave 1st period class and come to band room for warmup/setup.

*Teachers have been given a roster of those to be excused

Thursday, September 1 – Freshmen Pep Assembly – SMB WW/Brass/Drumline Members Only   

7:45 call time/setup in auditorium or loading dock

8:00 warmup

8:15 go to gym/setup/play as people are walking in

8:30 assembly starts

9:15 performance

10:00 assembly over, go home

*Yes, freshmen SMB WW/Brass/Drumline members are included in this performance.

Wednesday, August 31 – Performance Schedule

5:00 – Call Time for students with long hair (this is a shift from earlier itinerary, so please arrive at your convenience. If students with long hair can be here as early as 5:00, that will help our hair crew get through everyone).   

5:30 – Call Time for everyone else

5:35 – Uniform Presentation/Uniforms On

6:30 – Ind. Split Warmups (Winds Visual 15, Music 10) 

6:45 – Winds Music Warmup with FCs

6:55 – Students Go take seats on sideline turf in stadium

7:00 – Presentation/Performance Begins

8:00 – Thanks! Full Ensemble End of Camp Meeting

8:10 – Pack up field