OSAA Solo Contest Info – Saturday, April 30

Congratulations to the soloists that both qualified and were scheduled to perform at the State Solo Contest. Here is the OSAA Solo Schedule for Saturday, April 30 at Mountainside High School in Beaverton. Below is also a map. Please make sure you have your three original copies of music for the adjudicators to use (there are three adjudicators in each room). Email Mr. Stai if you have any questions.

  1. Here is a map of Mountainside High School (12500 SW 175th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97007).
    • WARM‐UPS:  Please note that there will be community warm‐up spaces available.  Percussion, String Bass and Cello will be on the first floor.  ALL other warm‐ups will be on the third floor only.  There will not be individual warm‐up rooms available for participants nor will pianos be provided in any of the warm‐up rooms.  The only warm‐up room available with a piano is for accompanist warm‐up which students nor directors will have access to.  Warming up outside the rooms and on campus grounds is prohibited.
    • There will be an elevator for use at the event. Please contact me if you believe you will need access to the elevator.
  2. Here is OSAA’s official Director/Spectator Information. Be sure to show this to any potential audience members. This event is open to the public–bring your crew!
    • Awards ceremonies will be throughout the day in Room 120 (Community Room).  A schedule will be posted at performance areas that will show when awards will be distributed after each category concludes.
  3. Last reminder that student performers need 3 original copies of their music for adjudicators
    • If the piece is within the public domain, please attach a note signifying this. Public domain is anything published/composed before 1926.
    • If the piece was downloaded through a sheet music service (like JW Pepper’s ePrint), please bring a receipt to show proof of purchase for 3 copies.
    • Adjudicator copies may be just the solo part, the solo part with piano, or any combination. Each adjudicator does not need the same type of score.
    • It is not required, but several adjudicators appreciate when each measure is numbered.
    • Be sure to mark any cuts/early stopping points.
  4. Soloist introductions will be handled by the room monitor. Participants will be introduced by ID number, not name or school, to help avoid any potential bias.
  5. Mallet soloists: There will be a 5-octave marimba in the performance space for you to use. We plan to have a 4.3-octave marimba available for warm up. If you plan on performing on a xylophone or vibraphone, please contact me ASAP.
  6. Timpani soloists: There will be a set of 4 available in the performance room, but not in the warm up room.
  7. Snare soloists: You will need to provide your own snare.
  8. All percussionists: A percussion-specific map may be found at this link. ALL percussionists are to use the performing arts hallway entrance. Audience members can use the other entrances marked in green