OMEA State Small Ensemble Contest Schedule

Here is the schedule for the OMEA State Small Ensemble Contest at Mt. Hood Community College on Friday, April 29. I will have more info & maps to share with you when we get closer to the date. Please make sure you have your three original copies of music for the adjudicators to use (there are three adjudicators in each room).

Time Location Name Inst/Voice Building Room
9:40 AM Sherwood High School Sherwood Saxophone Quartet Small Woodwind Ensemble Building 15 1519/1520
10:10 AM Sherwood High School Sherwood Trombone Duet Small Brass Ensemble Performing Arts Building Town and Gown (Building 10)
2:40 PM Sherwood High School Sherwood Trumpet Ensemble Large Brass Ensemble Performing Arts Building Town and Gown (Building 10)
3:40 PM Sherwood High School Sherwood Clarinet Ensemble Large Woodwind Ensemble Building 15 1519/1520

The Oregon Chamber State Ensemble Contest is presented by the Oregon Music Educators Association (OMEA). Though your school music teacher has received a copy of the rules, I do want to highlight a few important procedural matters with you. Please report to your performance site at least 10 minutes prior to your performance time. Check
in with the student who is the Room Chair and give them your Performance Information Form and three (3) original copies of your piece for the judges to use. Be sure your Name, School, Time, and Category are clearly marked on all three copies. If you are doing only a portion of the piece, please have the cuts clearly marked. Please note the rule on photocopies; if legal photocopies are to be used by anyone, the performer must have appropriate information/permission attached to each photocopy that meets the state rules. Without such information, the participant will receive “Comment Only” for a
rating. In such cases, the copies will not be returned after the event. There will be no access to a photocopy machine at Mt. Hood Community College. In accordance with copyright law, video recording of an ensemble can only be done by the teacher of that ensemble for school archives and cannot be distributed.

Times are important, as this event will not function properly if any venue gets behind schedule. You will have TEN (10) minutes total time available to you from the time you are cleared to set up. That includes the following and any other activities:
● Moving into the performance area and setting up or moving equipment
● Tuning
● Introduction from the room chair (max 15 seconds)
● Performance and applause, including time between pieces if doing more than one
● Certificate presentation (max 30 seconds)
● Clearing the performance area
A recommendation is that 7 to 8 minutes of music is optimal to allow for the other factors
involved. Please be well prepared, having timed your presentation on several occasions and shortened it if necessary. The Room Chair will interrupt you and ask you to leave immediately if you are still performing nine (9) minutes after you have been cleared to set up. This will in ALL likelihood not affect the final score, but it IS embarrassing.

Results will be announced at the award ceremony to be held in College Theater at 4:30PM Friday. Trophies will be awarded to the top three ensembles in each category. Comment sheets can be picked up at the information desk in the College Theater Lobby any time up
until 3:00 PM, and after the awards ceremony. Comment sheets not picked up will be scanned/emailed to the director. Music left behind will not be mailed. It is recommended that you wait in your performance area until the music is returned. That may take 10-20 minutes.

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