SMB Rehearsals Starting Soon

Greetings SMB Members,

The marching band and colorguard has officially been cleared to start practicing. This comes as exciting news and I cannot wait to get students together rehearsing again. This news also comes with a lot of COVID safety protocol.

Our mission this season

Our marching band season will be very different. Our goal is to safely prepare and perform a non-competitive 4 minute show at spring football games and one non-competitive NWAPA circuit marching band show. We will be marching fewer sets, drastically simplifying our movements and movement curriculum, and spaced at least 6’ apart.

Our “Fall” season will be built in two calendar segments:

1)      Segment 1, September – November: We will rehearse separately in groups (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Colorguard). In these rehearsals we will focus on music & movement skills.

2)      Segment 2, February- April/May: We will continue the skill building and learning we started in the Fall in addition to working toward putting together a complete show. The ending timeline is still to be determined. It would be great to attend or host a non-competitive circuit show. 

Here are our rehearsal parameters as we begin Segment 1 rehearsals. Staff will teach this process one step at a time to our members:

·         Rehearsals are held outside only.

·         Students will never enter a school building.

·         When students arrive, we will take attendance and administer a temperature check. 

·         Students will maintain a minimum of 6’ space the entire time.

o   During drill that applies music, Woodwinds & Brass will be at a 7.5’ distance.

o   Percussion & Colorguard will be 6’ or greater in distance.

·         Temperature checks will be administered at the start of every rehearsal.

·         Students will bring and wear a mask the entire time.

o   Instrument specific masks will be given to instrumentalists. We will swap between non-instrumental masks & instrument specific masks at a designated time during music rehearsals.

o   Bell covers will be provided for saxophones and brass instruments.

·         Maximum duration of rehearsals will be 3 hours at a time

·         Students will bring their own water bottle, full. No water fountains will be used.

·         Students will bring their own equipment and never share equipment.

·         If a piece of equipment is needed, such as a music stand or mallet keyboard, a staff member will bring that item outside the building for that student.

SMB Cost

·         Total Cost of SMB will be $175 per student.

·         Payments to be made either in full or partially as soon as Mr. Stai submits a complete roster to SHS bookkeeper Debi Bear.

·         For those that prefer a payment breakdown, the following structure

o   October 5: $100 due

o   March 1: $75 due


For students/parents who are not comfortable returning to rehearsals at this time, please send me (Mr. Stai) an email and I will remove you from this season’s SMB roster.

Still time to join Marching Band & Coloruard

As we have not established any drill to this point, and won’t for a little while longer, SHS band members that have not registered are more than welcome to register and join at this juncture. Our colorguard program is also open to all SHS students who wish to participate with movement, dance, and colorguard equipment.

Membership Eligibility 

All SMB members must meet the following requirements for participation:

·         Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion:  Be a student that is currently enrolled in band at Sherwood High School.

·         Colorguard: Be a student that is currently enrolled at Sherwood High School, home-schooled, or in a school that does not offer colorguard

·         Grade requirements are as follows:

o   Members must currently be passing and able to maintain grades in all classes.  Grades will be checked on a regular basis.  Members are not eligible to perform if they do not meet the following requirements:

o   Minimum GPA of 2.0

o   No “F” grades

o   Marching Band, Jazz Band I, and Wind Ensemble members must be current on their Career Credit and passing Advisory in order to be eligible to perform in competitions. There is a 5-day turnaround from completion of an assignment and it is input into Naviance.

·         Failure to meet grade requirements which lead to a missed performance will be grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal from the band.

·         Never previously quit or have been dismissed from the team mid-season.

·         Knowledge of commitment, all practices, camp dates, fees and team expectations. 

·         Have a good attitude, and be ready to learn, perform, play music and have fun!

Calendar – We will communicate this soon. But rehearsals are projected to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30-6:30pm.

Student Equipment Checklist – Students need all of the following:

·         Instrument – We will check out marching related instruments at first rehearsal (mellophones, euphoniums, sousaphones, percussion).

·         Pencil

·         Filled Water Bottle

·         Mask to wear at all times

·         Music will be distribute for membership to keep online (PDFs will be made available)

·         Binder with Plastic Sheet Protectors for Music

·         Athletic Shoes

·         Baseball Cap

·         Rain Gear

·         Sunscreen

Coming soon from me will be: Music & Rehearsal Schedule. Section leaders will be in touch with section members.

Looking forward to getting these rehearsals going soon! 

Brant Stai