Greetings Sherwood HS Band Members

I hope you are all doing as well as possible. It’s been one bizarre summer, lots of planning, and I am very excited to finally be back in action working music with you all. There has been so much happening around our band program that I couldn’t wait any longer to reach out to give you an idea of what’s coming up. Also, I am sending this before any of my class rosters are received/finalized, so I’m working with older emails here. 

SmartMusic: Every band student will be receiving a SmartMusic subscription this year once classes get started. SmartMusic software provides students access to digital sheet music including but not limited to: Warmups, Scales, Technique Builders, Etudes, Sight Reading, Solos, Small Ensembles, and a diverse and robust set of Concert Performance Music. The music curriculum also has the flexibility to dive into jazz methods, backing tracks, and jazz improvisation.

Any computer with internet access and a simple microphone (internal or external) will allow students to access this platform. SmartMusic provides musical feedback that is both continuous and immediate as students interact with the software.

At the point we shift back to in person learning, students will be apply to apply the musical exercises, techniques and concert ensemble music practiced to in their person full ensemble rehearsals during class.

Classes: For our 45 minute distance learning band classes, the general format will be active. Together via Zoom we will do breathing exercises, stretching, and full ensemble warmups together. We will talk and engage in technique building and concert music via the SmartMusic platform.  

SMB Members: We are still working on getting a rehearsal schedule and rehearsal safety procedure your way. I am holding the Winds music a little longer before I distribute parts; percussion parts are currently being written.  At this juncture, anyone who wanted to still sign up for marching band and colorguard could join in for the season.

Jazz I audition materials will be available this week. There will be a tight timeline for auditions coming up soon.

Band Room Update: We are now moved into our band room… moved, NOT unpacked yet : ). I’ll share some pictures at some point whenever I remember to take some and share… By the way, the Auditorium is INCREDIBLE!!! Also, the band room acoustics are GREAT!

Lessons: If you are inclined and are able, I might encourage as many of you to continue with private lessons via zoom (if possible). There are several good lessons teachers in the area looking for work opportunities so it would be a great win-win for anyone who was able.  

Instruments: If you need to rent an instrument from the school, I am currently working on an instrument pickup time. We just received all instruments back from Tigard music and I will have them ready for distribution in a few days once band rosters are finalized.

Info I’ll be sending out soon:

·         Instrument Rental Availability and Scheduled Pickup

·         Jazz I Auditions

·         SMB Show Music

Miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon!