SMB Info Night – Tuesday, June 9th 7:00pm

Greetings Band Students & Parents, The Sherwood HS Marching Band is going to be having its Annual Stepoff Info Meeting virtually this year. While we typically have this info meeting in person, we figured this would be the next best way to make our first connection for what will be an exciting 2020 season.

  • SMB Basic Info Video Emailed – By June 5th you will receive a Sherwood Marching Band Info Meeting video. This will provide some basic info and insight regarding the 2020 marching band season.
  • Virtual Meeting – On Tuesday, June 9th we will have a two part virtual meeting.
    • Part 1 – at 7:00pm we will have our show & concept reveal.
    • Part 2 – at 7:30pm we will have a new member Q&A session that is open to all (this is optional component).
      • All Band students & Parents haven’t already been invited via calendar link.
      • If anyone else would like to attend, they will need to email me at

This video and these meetings serve to provide some basic info regarding the marching band season. We talk about the calendar, what involvement looks like for both students and parents, and also we debut the music and concept for the 2020 show.

Marching Band is a great way to bring 100 students of our band & colorguard members together prior to the start of school. It is a tight knit family that works hard together to create some incredible performances and lifelong memories. Here is a 3:00 example of some of our students talking about the marching band experience

Hope to see you on Tuesday, June 9th