Music Resources

Greetings Band Students, I’ve been compiling some resources to help you with practicing, listening, sight reading, composing, and improvisation. Some of these resources are brand new, some I’m very familiar with and some I’ve just discovered; all of which appear to be valuable resources for our Sherwood Band program. I only posted resources that were either free OR had a free trial period.

I’ll continue to edit/add to this link as things become more evident so that these resources stay at the top of our home page. Happy practicing everyone!

Practicing & Playing


Beginning Monday, March 16th at 8:00 AM, Jupiter Artist Harry Watters will be hosting a daily warm-up livestream, focusing on the fundamentals for brass musicians of all levels.  Lasts for about 20 minutes, will be archived on his YouTube Channel for viewing anytime!–6obWuAmJGlsL-cR3NTHjims

Harry Watters (Jazz trombonist/Soloist) has created the social distancing warm-up session. He livestreams every morning on Facebook, uses ireal Pro, and does a series of excellent long tone, lip slur, articulation, and scale exercises. Easy to play along with. Designed for ALL brass players (or WW).

2) Smartmusic is a music practice online software program that offers a vast library of music available for students. – free trial available

3) Sight Reading factory – free trial available


1) Jazz I & II Students – Please watch/participate with this video from Nathanael Ankeny

  2. (this one geared more toward beginning jazz)

2) Jeff Antoniuk – Youtube videos that include pdf’s – over 100 lessons in improv

Music Theory & Composition

1) Free music notation/composition software Musescore –

2) Free music theory lessons for music students provided by composer Chris Pilsner –


1) US Army Field Band (Educational & Performance Videos) –

2) Berlin Philharmonic – Free Voucher to watch/listen to performance archives!

3) St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Video Library – Recorded live music performances –

4) Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Youtube Channel for clips of their musicians) – 

Music Leadership

Free Scott Lang Music Leadership Seminars –


If you have a local private lessons teacher, check in with them to see if they have any remote lessons available. I know at least a few of our lessons teachers have found a way to do online lessons.

Flute – Denise Westby – Flute –
Clarinet – Dunja Marcum – Clarinet –
Sax – Nathanael Ankeny – Sax, Improv, Composition, Jazz Piano –,
Trumpet – Dave Bamonte –
Trumpet – Allan Kalik –
Low Brass – Adam Mullen –
Percussion – Jeff Bush –