State Chamber Ensemble Results

Bravo to our SHS Band Members who received the opportunity to perform in the 2019 Oregon State Chamber Ensemble Festival at Pacific University this past Friday. The top Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Vocalists from all over the state converged on one location to perform. So many amazingly talented students giving many performances in a short span of time. It was incredible! Bravo to our 5 Sherwood Band ensembles who performed!

This particular event is a perfect merge of student musical ability and student leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the beautiful music that I had nothing to do with, other than opening up the band room and music library from time to time 🙂 These performances were made possible by talented students who know how to organize themselves and lead themselves in rehearsals. Bravo to the students who organize these small chamber groups!

Blind Recap can be found here

Top 5 Placers:

  • W.E. Percussion Ensemble – 1st Place in Large Percussion – Shannon Jackson, William Jensen, Ian Kleditz, Ethan Spencer, Nathan Shipman.
  • Clarinet Choir – 1st Place in Large Woodwinds – Niall Alboro, Grace Applegate, Andrew Bae, Cole Emery, Brooke Guthrie, David Hilt, Sidney Sproul, Jacob Taylor, Robert Weener
  • Flute Quartet – 5th Place in Small Woodwinds – Camryn Porter, Addie McCoy, Anneka Prigodich, Rianna Upton.