Can Drive Wrap UP

Good morning band families,
Thank you for helping at the Can Drive today, with the change in plans, I was worried about the outcome, but once again you volunteered and made the day successful.  This can drive is unlike any we have ever had before, the ORC (Oregon Recycling Center) is understaffed and completely backlogged with their recycling, so they did not have a semi trailer for us to fill at Grocery Outlet.  That is why I was asking everyone to cash in the glass bottles today.  (Which brought in $745 by the way!)
I have submitted our non profit Booster Club to receive the “blue” fundraising bags at the bottle drop so that we can have an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year.  However, it takes ten days to get our account set up and we have to pay 75 cents per bag (that are 1/3 of the size of our regular clear plastic recycle bags).  I explain this to you so that you understand my next request.  Instead of purchasing the blue bags in 10+ Days to submit our band trailer full of aluminum cans and plastic bottles, I am hoping to have your help…every day at the end of band camp, until the bags are gone, I will be in the high school parking lot with the trailers open.  When you arrive to pick up your band student, I am asking for you to come take a bag or two of cans/bottles and submit them at the bottle drop center in Tigard, and bring to me receipt and money to the lockbox in the band room when you’re finished.  It goes very quickly at the bottle drop location, and they are not as busy on the weekdays.  Their rules are 350 cans/bottles per person and they are open from 8:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m.
Their address is:  14411 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, OR. (Located next th Harbor Freight).  We need to empty our band trailers as soon as possible so they are ready for our competitions.  Thank you once again for assisting with this can drive.
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President