Can Drive!

Good morning band families,

Our first fundraiser of the school year is upon us.  This Saturday, August 11 at Middleton Elementary.  Can Drives are a great way to bring in 6-10 thousand dollars in a days’ work.  For those of you who have signed up to assist in this fundraiser, thank you!  When I checked tonight, there are 65 of the 163 volunteer spots filled.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now.  Our can drive this Saturday is going to run differently than any that we have done before.

The Oregon Recycling Center is understaffed and is unable to provide a semi truck trailer for us to fill at the Grocery Outlet in King City.  We will be collecting our cans and bottles, and sorting them a little more simply, and bagging them to be turned in in a couple of weeks.  The glass bottles, I hope, we will be able to take to local recycling centers on Saturday and collect the money that day.  When you arrive at the can drive to volunteer, please report to me (Lennae Bishop) and I will give you instructions on where we need the most assistance.  Once we scan the neighborhoods, I will need helpers to take a few students and drive to local stores or the recycling center and turn in bottles.  If anyone has any bins that they would like to donate for us to use for the day (so that we can place glass bottles in them to cash in) please bring them with you.  As for the cans and plastic bottles, we will bag them up and store them in our two band trailers until we can have our account opened at the Bottle Recycling Center (in approx 10 days).    It is possible that we will need a little more storage space than our two trailers can handle.  If you have space available, or know of anywhere we could store them, please let me know.  I am also going to be looking for assistance in getting our bottles turned in once our account is set up.

Thank you for helping us make this fundraiser successful, please give a couple hours of your time so we can get this done.

Here is the link to the volunteer spot:

We would welcome any extra volunteers to get through this day with the change in plans!

Thank you, see you Saturday.