Percussionists: Portland Summer Percussion Academy

This is from Chris Whyte, the director of the Portland Summer Percussion Academy, which is held each summer at Lewis and Clark University.
All percussion students participating in either State Solo, State Small Ensemble, or Wind Ensemble (qualified for state) will be offered a $100 scholarship to the camp for students who have qualified for the state contest.
Attached is a promotional flyer, along with some information about the guest artists they have lined up to work with all of the students throughout the week this year.
Dr. Chris Whyte and Brett Paschal – camp co-hosts and instructors (solo, ensemble music)
Niel DePonte, Oregon Symphony Principal Percussion – Concert Percussion
Jonathan Greeney, Oregon Symphony Principal Timpani – Timpani
Alan Keown – Snare Drum
Matthew Keown – Chamber Music and Solo Marimba
Jeffrey Peyton – Working with Conductors
Mindy Johnston – Javanese Gamelan
Matt Savage – Hand Drums
Christopher Newbury – Drumset
PSPA 2018 Large