OSU Spring Game Junior/Senior Day

From Olin Hannum – Director of OSU Athletic Bands

Hello Oregon Band Directors!

I’m writing today to announce an opportunity for high school Juniors and Seniors to come and perform with members of the Spirit and Sound of OSU at our upcoming Spring Game on April 28th. Partnering with our chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, we will offer a very light glimpse into the life of the band. In the morning we’ll hold music rehearsals, under both section leaders and the band staff, eat lunch together, and have a Q&A session about band in college, marching or otherwise. After lunch we’ll all play the game together from the stands.

Registration is $20, which covers an event T-shirt and lunch that day. There’s no marching involved for this event, so no need to worry if they’re coming from a no-marching program. Students who play instruments that aren’t typically owned personally (sousaphone, drumline, mellophone, etc) can borrow one from us for the day.

 This is a link to the sign-up form. Our signup deadline is April 18th. Don’t hesitate to ask if you, your students, or your parents have any questions!

 Thanks folks,


Olin Hannum

Director of Athletics Bands
Associate Director of Bands
Oregon State University