Flute Workshop Saturday at Aloha HS

For Flautists – Check out what is happening this weekend at Aloha HS.


Information on Morning Workshops at FLUTE FAIR: 

Room TBA

9:00am Breath, Body, Flute: Techniques for a Free, Flexible, and Supported Sound by Abigail Sperling and Edie Sperling

Abigail Sperling (DMA) and Edie Sperling (DPT) will guide you through an hour’s seminar and workshop detailing the anatomy of the areas of the body which are used for support, the breathing frame and breathing mechanism, and ideas for proper alignment while playing. Participants are encouraged to bring their flutes and come prepared with questions! Edie and Abigail will be available for the rest of the morning for private questions and assessments.

10:00am Intonation: Teaching Yourself to Hear It and Fix It by Karen Gifford

No matter our skill level or experience, intonation is always a challenge.  We know it can make us sound so right, or so…wrong.  But there are so many aspects of music to pay attention to that intonation is often left for last.  At this workshop, we will give it some well-deserved attention, expanding our awareness, our ability to hear, and our ability to adjust flute intonation.

 11:00am How to Practice Technique With Both Your Hands and Your Head by Julien Beaudiment

This class includes ways to be organized in your practicing. Please bring your flute!

12:00pm Flute Choir Reading Session with Lisa Ochoco

Bring your flutes to Flute Fair 2018 and come play in a flute choir reading session lead by Lisa Ochoco. GPFS has an extensive music library that is available for check-out by our members. Lisa will use our music library to select pieces for this flute choir reading session. If you have never played a bass or an alto flute, this may be your chance to try one out.