SMB: New Performance Times & Itinerary 10-14

Due to Adjudicator Flights out of California, we have a new itinerary today!

10:55 Buses depart Holiday Inn
11:00 Snack at GPHS
11:30 Uniforms on, shakos/plumes
12:00 Move to rehearsal area & Warmup
1:58 Move to gate, prop coordination
2:13 Gate
2:23 Performance
2:36 Move to stands, watch WSHS, GPHS
3:20 Prelim awards
3:55 Return to camp, debrief, out of uniforms
4:30 Dinner
5:40 Uniforms on, shakos/plumes
6:10 Move to rehearsal area and warmup
7:55 Move to gate, prop coordination
8:10 Gate
8:28 Performance
8:41 Students to stands, volunteers return pit to camp, load props
9:24 Awards