Concert Attire Payments/Fittings Due This Week

Good afternoon band families,

I had the opportunity to do some measurements/sizing for your band students’ concert attire last Thursday.  I hope that your student came home and told you the follow up to that measurement would be to pay for their attire.  I am attaching the required concert attire information sheet for both boys and girls to this e-mail.

If your son does not need slacks, there is not need to go to Remington’s for a fitting.  I know what size shirt and vest he needs and you can just make the appropriate payment for Shirt ($25), Tie ($10) and/or vest/tie combo ($30).
Bowmen Band only needs Black shirt, tie and slacks.  Concert Band needs Black shirt, tie, vest and slacks.  Wind Ensemble needs Tuxedo, vest, shirt  and tie.  Once again, if your son does not need to be fitted for a tuxedo or slacks, please send a payment for the shirt/tie or vest made payable to Sherwood Band Boosters to the school and have them place it in the lock box outside Mr. Stai’s office.  I will order those items for your son and they will be delivered to the school.  Here is the link to volunteerspot for those who need to have a fitting appointment made for slacks or a tuxedo: . Please note that this sign up is the deadline for ordering attire from Remington’s.  If you are not able to attend the listed fitting dates/times, please contact Remington’s Directly and schedule a fitting at a more suitable time for you THIS WEEK.  Their phone number is listed on the attached flyer. Same day appointments are welcome. You are welcome to purchase your other items at Remington’s while you are out there instead of paying for the shirt etc. to the school.
I had dresses for your daughters to try on to determine the appropriate size.  If they need to order a dress, the cost is $72 made payable to Sherwood Band Boosters.  They can place the cash or check in the lockbox located outside Mrs. Stai’s office, hopefully by the end of this week.  We will do one large group order for the dresses and they will be delivered to the school for your daughter to bring home.
Please contact Tina Brannan at  with any questions.
Thank you
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President