Football Game, Marching Band, Props, Help Please!

Hello Band Families,

Come watch the Football game tonight and see our band perform at halftime!  It is amazing to see their progress with their performances as the weeks go by!  We would like to invite you to visit Handel’s Ice Cream Shop AFTER the game, they were generous in sponsoring the Marching Band this season and they are keeping their doors open late on football game nights so stop by for a treat and thank them for supporting the band!
Here are the work items I need in the upcoming week, if you can help with any of these requests, please respond to this e-mail!
1.  I am going to be working on the props (Just creating the mirrors) during the day next Wednesday 9/20.  The job is kind of a team effort and I need 1 or two helpers to get it done.
2.  I need someone with a truck to drive to Eugene…The U of O Marching band is going to lend us their drum set cart for the marching band season.  The dimensions of the cart are: 5’6″ X 6’6″X 13″ tall.  I will give further details if you are able to go there this coming week.
3.  Mr. Stai sent out a work crew parent request for next Saturday, September 23.  We need parents to help get the props complete!  We will start working at 8:00 a.m. and work until it is finished.  Please help us get the props finished by attending this work party!  Please respond to this e-mail if you are able to come and indicate what time you are able to be there.
4.  Part of the work party includes soldering.  If you have soldering irons/guns that you can let us borrow please let me know, we will take good care of them and return them when we are finished.
5.  We are looking to borrow generators for this marching band  season.  If you or your family/friends have an extra generator or two that we could borrow, will you please let me know?  We would be able to return it/them after final competition on November 4.  
6. I mentioned this over the microphone at Premier, but here it is in writing…We really need the funds to purchase a new storage solution for the band.  This is an added expense to our budget this year.  We have a couple of options that would work great that range from $3400-$4000.  The school has approved a site for us to place the storage unit, now we just need to be able to purchase the unit.  If you have any knowledge or resources to assist in this financial request, please let me know.
Thank you for helping me with this list of requests!
Lennae Bishop
Band Booster President