SMB Rehearsal Update 9-5-17

SMB Members, here is an altered schedule for today. We will be inside all day today. It took a lot of coordination this morning between admin and coaches, but we were able to make things work. Our practice today will go as follows:

Guard in Media Hallway 3:15-6:15

Drums in Band Room & Drum Room 3:15-6:15

Winds in Commons 3:00-3:55, stretching (no conditioning) in courtyard or hallways 4:00-4:20, Visual in Main Gym from 4:30-5:30, 5:30-6:00 is Music in Main Gym. (Technically we are out of gym at 6:00 and Boys Soccer takes over at that point). When traveling from space to space today, store all equipment along wall in sections in an orderly way. Move in and out of spaces respectfully, there are a lot of different things happening inside today.

Students with asthma – The staff knows who you are. Even though we are indoors, please monitor yourself and keep instructional staff apprised of your conditions as needed.

IMPORTANT – There is a good chance that tomorrow’s practice time will be changed to 3:15-6:15 due to the turf schedule (girls soccer game canceled today and delayed to tomorrow night). More info regarding Wednesday’s rehearsal as conditions continue to fluctuate. Be ready for anything! Be adaptable! I will communicate once we know the plan.