Good Luck W.E. @ State!

Good Luck Wind Ensemble @ the State Contest tomorrow! At this point all of the work is done. Saturday is going to be long day, so get a good night’s rest, sleep in, hydrate, eat well, so that you can enjoy your day tomorrow and be at your very best! Saturday is a celebration of hard work and dedication. Create as many musical moments on stage as possible and walk off with no regrets. It’s a huge honor to play in the evening block. Its rare to have the opportunity to play last.  The house will be packed and the energy will be huge. Embrace every moment and savor it!

Location: LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.

Ticket prices are $8 or $5 for students. They are good for the whole day and ALL of the bands sounds great!

Seating will be challenging as the house will be full (or close to full). Do not walk in expecting to find a seat right away.  Spectators might need to get their seats a few groups early. The entire evening block of bands (Sam Barlow (2nd last year), Southridge (5th last year), and West Salem (1st last year) are all phenominal groups. You will get your money’s worth in great music!!!

Digital Program:

Spectator Info can be found at

Official Contest Schedule can be found at

SHS Band Itinerary – Saturday, May 13th 
12:15 – Call Time
12:30 – Warm Up & Rehearsal
1:20 – Pack up
1:40 – Load Bus
2:00 – Depart
3:45 – Arrive & Store Instruments
4:15 – Observe Cleveland & David Douglas
5:30 – Dinner – Served by Band Boosters
6:30 – Get instruments out & take picture
6:50 – Line up for Warmup Room
7:00 – Warm Up
7:30 – Perform
8:00 – Sight Read
8:30 – Put Instruments Away and Go out to stage
8:45 – Awards
9:15 – Load Bus & Depart
11:10pm – Arrive at SHS