2017 State Small Ensemble Contest Info – Restated For Participates – Friday, April 28th at Pacific University

OMEA State Small Ensemble Contest runs a little differently than the OSAA State Solo Competition. Please Make sure you read all appropriate info.

2017 Ensemble Contest Info

Performance Form – EVERY ENSEMBLE NEEDS ONE OF THESE FILLED OUT IN ADVANCE (Only One per ensemble, not one per member).

Location: Pacific University- Forest Grove, OR – Friday, April 28th.

Map of Pacific University

Woodwind Performance: Church Sanctuary
Woodwind Warm up: Church Library

Brass Performance: Washburne Basement
Brass Warm up: Cawein Gallery in SCOTT HALL

Percussion Performance: Music Bldg Stage (Taylor-Meade Hall)
Percussion Warm up: Practice rooms or “whatever you may find”

ROOM Time Ensemble Category Ensemble Name School Name
B 10:00 Small Woodwind Ensemble WW Trio Mulkey/Denton/Fasano Sherwood Sherwood High School
D 11:30 Small Percussion Ensemble Perc Duet Eckart/Craighead Sherwood Sherwood High School
D 1:10 Large Percussion Ensemble Sherwood Concert Percussion Ensemble Sherwood High School
A 1:20 Large Brass Ensemble Brass Quintet Sherwood Sherwood High School
B 2:40 Large Woodwind Ensemble WW Quintet Sherwood Sherwood High School