Class Announcements 2-13-17

Announcements 2/13/17
1 Rehearsal Rubric – Fill one out & get it back to Mr. Stai. Teacher progress reports are submitted today by 5th period.
2 Bravo Jazz!
3 Basketball Band 2/14 5:45pm Call Time
4 Want to save money on Valentine’s Day? Don’t go on an expensive date, instead go to Basketball Band. It’s Free!!!
5 W.E. Auditions will be in April – In the meantime, sign up for Concert Band. Mr. Stai will send a list to counselors AFTER auditions indicating who’s schedule needs to get shifted.
6 W.E. – PROMOTE the Premier Performance Concert – Wednesday, February 15th @ 7:00pm – Tickets are $10. Call time 5:45pm at Performing Arts Center for students. Doors won’t open for public until 6:30pm.
7 W.E. Help:

·      1st Period Wednesday – Percussion & Stands to Arts Center

·      After Concert Wednesday – Percussion & Stands Returned

8 W.E. – Bring $20 for Dinner Friday, Money for Lunch on Saturday
9 W.E. – Check in with teachers regarding work you will be missing on Friday.