SMB – Thank You, Banquet, Playoffs

A big thank you to he Sherwood HS Marching Band & Colorguard who concluded this season as the 4th place marching band in the Northwest!

I am very proud of our students. They have worked hard and done everything their staff has asked of them to put this demanding and artistic product on the field. This year for some reason, we bonded even more as a family. At the end of it all, we created some incredible performances that will last each one of these students for a lifetime. My hope is that my students will go on in life to pursue their skills and passions whether it be architecture, building rocketships, curing illnesses, serving others, etc. all while still retaining that appreciation of individual hard work and team sacrifice. This group of members ushered in a new era of Sherwood Marching Band will class and humility and I couldn’t be more proud of them for that.

It takes a village to create a marching band show, instruct a marching band show, and support a marching band show. A huge debt of gratitude to our design staff who went to the drawing board again and again and again. A colossal debt of gratitude to our instructional staff who put in countless hours of rehearsal trying to connect with each student and teach and elevate them to higher levels. And then of course, another huge debt of gratitude to our parent volunteers who showed up early and stayed late to help facilitate, create props, cook, haul, set up, tear down, and commute distances and put in long hours to support this program and each student. It takes all of these people to make our show what it was. It takes all of these people to create those memorable performances that will last a lifetime. Take away any of these elements and we are merely a fraction of what we were able to accomplish.

Thank you all very much and congratulations on a successful season in so many ways!!!

Now to some nuts and bolts…

Thursday – SMB Banquet – We will have our Marching Band & Colorguard Banquet on Thursday, November 10th at 7pm in the SHS Commons. There will be dessert involved, pictures, certificates,  and video production of our 2016 show. I hope to see you all there!

Friday – The SMB will NOT be playing at the playoff game this Friday as it is an away game at Sprague HS. Our Football team will need to win a couple of more games before we will travel and play with them on a neutral OSAA site. I will keep everyone updated each week on the status of the football playoff games and our potential involvement as a pep band.

Is the marching band show over? Yes! We are done rehearsing and performing our halftime show. Enjoy the newly acquired time off and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done!