SMB: Urgent Update Regarding Added Competition Saturday, October 29

As you know, we were forced by expected weather conditions to cancel our participation in the Bands of America Competition last weekend. Losing a competition is more than missing out on a chance to win trophies. It is an educational assessment activity, where the kids and staff receive meaningful input on the progress they have made, and the work they still have to do, as individuals and as an ensemble, to improve their performance. Missing 1 our of 4 of these experiences that we’ve spent so much time and energy developing is a big deal.

Because of that, and after consulting with the Boosters, I’ve decided to change our schedule by adding participation in the Liberty Marching Arts Challenge at Hillsboro Stadium on Saturday, October 29. Not only does it restore our schedule to a full four competitions, because there will be 20 bands participating it gives us good feedback on how we’re doing, and provides the kids lots of opportunity to see other top bands.

I understand this is a late change to what are tight schedules for everyone. It’s important that all of our members be able to make this competition, because every student is an important part of the entire ensemble. If this change creates a critical conflict, please see me right away to discuss.

Please look for information on volunteering shortly, and expect a detailed schedule next week.