SMB: Urgent Update Regarding Saturday, October 15th

We will not be going to BOA tomorrow. BOA changed the format to an indoor performance/clinic at Prairie HS in Vancouver. Travel conditions on the way back from that event looked to be not favorable with driving over bridges. This decision was made between myself and our transportation personnel at the district office. At this point there are only a couple of bands that will be at that altered BOA event.

Instead, we will do a 9:00-12:30 rehearsal here in the gym at SHS. We will be serving students & staff brunch at 12:30. Everyone should be out of here before the storm hits at 3:00pm. We have the gym reserved so we will clean music phrases with silk work. Lots of good phrasing instruction and coordination so that when we take it on the field, the kids know the count and phrasing much more confidently.

Our marching group has a huge potential to do very well competitively. Other groups that are in our “echelon of competition” are slightly ahead of us from a time invested toward rehearsal standpoint. We will utilize Saturday to inch ourselves closer to the top of the pack. My request to my students is that they stay hungry to perform at their very best level possible, and then utilize the rest of the time for whatever they need most from this unplanned break – whether it be homework, rest, or much needed downtime.