OSAA Contest Details for W.E. Members & Parents

Dear Wind Ensemble Students & Parents, Saturday’s itinerary has been a challenge to plan due to the fact that we have the biggest gig of the year and prom on the same day, and I only have one bus to work with. Please read all details.

  • Honor the call time. We will need to meet here, rehearse, and load the bus together.
  • The bus will come back immediately after sight reading. Everyone rides down together (no exceptions) and everyone rides back together. The only exception is if someone wants to stay longer at the event, they must stay with their parent. If you stay, you become your parent’s responsibility and are on your own for transportation.
  • Due to the tight schedule, we are not doing any meals together. This is going to be a quick and efficient business like trip. Bring a sack lunch to eat on the way down.
  • Mr. Stai will be driving down separately. He needs to be there for the entirety of the evening and for director and ensemble recognition at 8:45pm. Leila Hawana will be riding the bus with the Wind Ensemble.
  • When the bus arrives back to SHS, you will not have access to SHS or the band room. There are no viable solutions that have come our way so just go home. Take your instruments and music. Percussionists divvy up the percussion items and make sure they make their way back to the band room Monday morning.
  • Tickets are $8 apiece for spectators.

Chaperones – Between the various concert and jazz performances lately, I’ve had a low year for chaperone turnout. However, I don’t think this particular event will be very challenging or require much of any support. If you would like to lend a hand that day, I would gladly take it although this will be a low maintenance trip.

All of this being said, and in spite of performing mid-afternoon and other challenges aside, our ensemble is poised to be one of the top groups of the day. Looking forward to our final performance on this incredible set of music! 

OSAA State Band Contest Itinerary 

10:10 – Call Time
10:20 – Warm Up & Rehearsal
11:10 – Pack up
11:20 – Load Bus
11:40 – Depart – Eat Lunch En Route (Sack Lunch)
12:30 – Arrive & Store Instruments
1:00 – Observe West Linn
1:35 – Get instruments out & take picture
1:50 – Line up for Warmup Room
2:00 – Warm Up
2:30 – Perform
3:00 – Sight Read
3:35 – Debrief
3:45 – Pack up. Prom participants depart. Others TBD in class.
5:50 – Arrive at SHS, unload, go home.

Students Bring:

  • Sack Lunch
  • Instrument
  • Music
  • Concert Attire

Let Mr. Stai know if you have any questions.