Jimmy Mak’s Final Itinerary – Tuesday, May 10th

Really looking forward to this event! It will be a fun venue that expects musical excellence but isn’t another festival with numbers and trophies. If you plan to be in the audience, consider reserving a table. Seating is limited! Also, $6 door charge.

Today in class, I asked students to transport their own school music stand to and from the performance. I also asked saxophones and trombones to transport their own school band chairs to and from the performance.  If there is anyone with a truck or large van that wants to haul some of these items for us, please let Mr. Stai know.  Students are in charge of their own transportation. 

Jimmy Maks Gig – Tuesday, May 10th
5:55pm Call time at Jimmy Maks (Please take into account Portland Traffic)
6:10 – Warmup in the back room
6:20 – Setup
6:30 – Play
7:30 – Set over. Pack up gear.
8:00 – Stay and listen to Mel Brown. Students are allowed to leave with their rides at their discretion. Students must be out of the club by 9:30pm.

Located at:
221 NW 10th Ave. (Between Davis and Everett)
Portland, Oregon

Jazz I Parents: We need to carpool to this event. If you can drive, will you please let me know.  There is a $6 cover charge to get into the club. Everyone in attendance will have to pay (except for performers). Also, the club is small and it might be wise to reserve a table in advance.

Due to the late evening we will be having that Tuesday night on May 10th, and the fact that the OSAA Band Competition is that Saturday, May 14th, we will not be having organized jazz rehearsals the mornings of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of that week. The room will be open and available for study hall and practice.

If you have any questions or if there is a detail I’ve forgotten to cover, please let me know. Thank you!