A Message from Composer John Mackey

I normally save this type of stuff for class, but since I won’t see everyone today, I figured I’d post this powerful message from a powerful composer. Have a great weekend everyone!

John Mackey: My mom has been suffering from rapid-onset dementia, and has reached the point that she can’t form a sentence that anybody but her can understand.

Tonight, I saw her for the first time in several months, and in the car on the way back home after dinner, I turned on the radio. Within seconds, she said, “Oh – Scheherazade! I’ve played this piece.” And she started humming along. It was Scheherazade, and she has played it – decades ago. The only other complete and understandable sentence she said tonight, when I was leaving, was “I love you.”

Music is an incredible thing. It doesn’t pay well, and maybe your parents said it’s a terrible career choice, but the fact is that it reaches people on a level that nothing else can. If you’re ever questioning “does practicing all of these hours so I can play this instrument – does it matter?” The answer is yes.

Below is a link to a great video of Valery Gergiev conducting Scherezade with the Vienna Philharmonic.