OurFund Spring 2016

OurFund 2016 Flier

This spring the Sherwood Band Boosters are launching an All Bands fundraiser that requires no selling products, knocking on doors or collecting money!  Do you have friends and family that would like to support the Sherwood Bands program, but live far away?  Participation in the OurFund fundraiser takes less than 10 minutes and reaches far and wide!

We are challenging each middle school and high school band student to raise $100 each on the Sherwood Band Booster’s OurFund website.   With 250 middle school band students and 120 high school band students we have the potential to raise over $35,000!!!   The Sherwood Band Booster page has a message from the Sherwood Band Directors – Mr. Stai, Mr. Dyer and Mr. Angeloni talking about the outstanding band programs in Sherwood and a message from Lennae Bishop, Band Booster President talking about the goals of the Sherwood Band Boosters.   There is a video of the Star Wars medley performed at the All District Band concert and students can add individual pictures to personalize their page.  Friends and relatives will get a very good picture of the outstanding Band Programs!

We are asking each middle school and high school band student to register with OurFund and enter a minimum of 5 email addresses.   Directions are as follows:

  • Go to ourfund.us
  • Click on “Find your team or group” (upper right corner)
  • Type in “Sherwood Band” and choose Sherwood Band Boosters 2016
  • Click the Join Me button (top right of the fundraising letter – below the dashboard)
  • Enter the student’s name and the email address that you want the emails to come from (Mom’s, Dad’s or student’s email)
  • Click the button that says “Click here to start”
  • Create a password. Personalize by adding a photo and/or video of the student performing. Click “Save and Continue”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the fundraiser. Click “Save and Continue”
  • Click Add Donors
  • Enter the potential donor’s name, email address and how you would refer to them for each donor you are adding. Add a minimum of 5 potential donors.  10-20 potential donors would be optimal.    The emails sent to potential donors are courteous and include a link to the student’s personal OurFund page.

Share on Facebook!  It is amazing how supportive of the arts friends and family outside our community are!  To link your page to Facebook:

*Click on the Account button (upper right hand corner)

*Click on the blue “share” button

*Click on “blue “Share Link” button

Does your donor want to send a check?  Checks can be sent to:

Sherwood Band Boosters
c/o Sherwood High School
16956 SW Meineke Rd.
Sherwood, OR 97140

Make sure student’s name is on the memo line!

This fundraiser will run from April 11th through May 31st.  Students will be able to edit their page and add potential donors during this time.

Questions? Contact Leslie Kolb, Co-Sponsorship, Sherwood Band Boosters, at lesliekolb93@gmail.com