Reminder – Instrument Stepup Night on Wednesday – Email Mr. Stai to Schedule Appointment if you are interested

Instrument Stepup Night Letter for Parents

For the next several days, band students will have the opportunity to play on some advanced instruments  and take them home which are provided to us by Beacock’s Music. As an educator, I am excited about this because it will give your student a chance to see, hear, and feel what it is like to play on something other than a beginning instrument. Our students work hard to make good music and to bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to themselves and our band program. At this point in the year, many families are considering making the change from renting an instrument to owning their own, or considering the possibility of purchasing an upgraded instrument. If you and your student are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please read the attached letter. Appointments to meet with Beacock’s Music will be scheduled for Wednesday April 15th from 4-8pm.

Talk in Mr. Stai if you are interested in checking out a steup instrument overnight.