Band Final Details

Details for the Trimester 2 Band Finals are as follows for Winds & Percussion:

Winds – 2 Major Scales will be selected at random. Bowmen & Concert Bands are at Quarter Note = 50, Wind Ensemble is at Quarter Note = 60. There will be a metronome playing during final. You get one restart total for the entire final. Points will be scored based on these four categories: 1)Pitch/Correct Notes, 2) Rhythm/Pulse, 3) Dynamic/Breath Support, 4) Articulation. Each scale will receive its own score with 16 points possible. Both scores will be added together to give the final a total score of 32 points possible.

Percussion – All 12 Major Scales, 2 Octaves. You will be graded on these two categories 1) Pitch/Correct Notes, 2) Rhythm/Pulse. There will be 24 points possible for correct notes (2 points per scale) and 8 points possible for steady rhythm/pulse for a total of 32 points.