Playing Proficiency #9

Playing Proficiency #9 is a full length recording of your solo or ensemble music. In the recording you need to state your name, you piece title and composer, and then perform the music from beginning to the end  with no breaks or edits. No metronome either.

This is due by the time I open my inbox by 7am on Thursday, February 26th. 

Performing your piece of music for a recording prior to the actual performance gives you the opportunity to practice what it will actually be like when introducing yourself, your music, and performing non stop.

We should perform our Solo or Ensemble piece of music for a live audience several times prior to the recital. 

A Live Audience Might Be:

  • Living Room Performance for Family Members
  • A recording that you send to someone or a family member in a different state/country.
  • Playing in front of friends or other band members at school
  • Finding your Cat or Dog and performing in front of them (or someone else’s cat or dog if they wandered into your yard).
  • Two people standing on a sidewalk (race up to them quickly with your instrument and start performing before they walk away. Better yet, sound great so that they stay and want to hear more!).