Saturday Reminders & Itineraries

Nothing new here, just reminders for jazz bands & winter percussion.

JAZZ BANDS I & II – West Salem Jazz Festival – Saturday, February 7th   

6:30 – Call Time @ SHS
7:00 – Load Busses
7:15 – Depart from Sherwood
8:10 – Arrive
8:30 – Jazz I Warmup
9:00 – Jazz I Performance (Jazz II Observe)
10:00 – Jazz II Warmup
10:30 – Jazz II Performance (Jazz I Observe)
11:00 – Observe & Lunch – (They will have a good sized concessions operation at the festival for anyone interested in purchasing a lunch on site. OR Bring your own lunch).
Winter Percussion Members – Winter Percussion students will depart after the Jazz II performance. I’ve been advised that transportation should have been already coordinated between parents, students, and WP Staff & Parent Coordinators.
12:00 – Listen to Andy Martin in Concert!!!
12:45 – Awards
1:15 – Load Buses & Depart for Sherwood
2:15 – Arrive in Sherwood

WINTER PERCUSSION – Liberty High School Premiere Competition Itinerary
February 7, 2015
21945 Northwest Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR 97124

10:15a – Arrive at SHS

10:20a – Each performer confirm individual checklist

10:40a – All students and parents briefing in band room

10:55a – Seated, ready for departure in assigned cars

1:30p – Walk to gate for Prelims performance

2:15p – Provided lunch for all performers

11:00a – Depart for LHS

11:45a – Arrive at LHS, Set up

12:00p – HS Prelims Warm Up

1:50p – HS Prelims Performance

6:20p – Walk to gate for Finals performance

7:30p – Students spectate and attend awards (in uniform)

—- All times below are estimated —-

4:40p – HS Finals Warm Up

6:40p – HS Finals Performance

7:00p – Load trucks, pack up camp

9:00p Depart for SHS

9:45p – Arrive at SHS, Unload

10:00p – Go Home