Jazz Band I – Three Rivers League Jazz Festival Info

Sherwood Jazz Band I Members & Parents – I’m very excited for us to be a part of the Three Rivers League which is known for it’s high quality jazz ensembles. We will have the opportunity to hear some great groups at West Linn HS on Tuesday as well as the Oregon Jazz Ensemble, which is the best jazz ensemble in the Northwest. I’m excited for a great day of music!

Jazz I Students Bring: Jazz Attire, Snacks or money for concessions.

TRL Jazz Festival – Tuesday, November 18th  

11:45 – Load Buses & Depart from Sherwood
12:40 – Arrive at WLHS
1:30 – Warmup
2:00 – Performance
2:30 – Clinic
3:00 – Eat a Snack/Observe Other Groups
5:30 – Observe UofO Band
6:30 – Load Buses & Depart for Sherwood
7:30 – Arrive in Sherwood

Parents, a note from Kevin Egan, the West Linn Director: We have a very nice Performing Arts Center. The public is welcome and the Festival is FREE to the public.

Unfortunately, we do not have good parking. Please let parents know that they might have to walk a bit because of the lack of parking. It opens up A LOT after school gets out at 3:15. It’s also chaos from 3:15-3:30 on the streets surrounding the high school. Please have your parents avoid arriving during this time slot. They will be happier (and safer!).

There will be light concessions if your kids get hungry. Candy, water, etc. All proceeds go back to the music dept.

Jazz Festival Schedule for the day is as follows:

                                  Warm-up                  Perform              Clinic

Sherwood                        1:30                        2:00                 2:25

Lake Oswego                  1:55                        2:25                 2:50

Tigard                              2:25                        2:50                 3:15

Newberg                         2:50                         3:15                 3:40

Lakeridge                        3:15                         3:40                 4:05

Canby                             3:40                         4:05                 4:30

Tualatin                            4:10                        4:30                 4:55

West Linn                        4:30                        4:55                 5:00

Univ. of Oregon Jazz        5:00                        5:30