Pep Band @ Tonight’s Playoff Game!

All Band Members & Parents – We are doing the same exact football game pep band playoff itinerary as last Friday – minus the television coverage. I’ve invited all Woodwind & Brass Players to participate in the pep band at this Friday’s Football Playoff Game.  I’m counting on marching band members, drumline, and front ensemble to carry the group, so if marching band members  and percussionists cannot attend, please let me know.

Students need to eat dinner prior to their arrival at 5:30pm. Students will be issued a black marching band rain jacket to wear over the SHS bowmen gear (We are NOT wearing marching band uniforms). Below are the stats!

5:30pm – Call Time – Get a Jacket
5:50 – Warmup in Arcs in Bandroom
6:15 – Line up & Go to Stands
6:45 – Drumline Leads Team – National Anthem – Fight Song
7:00 – Game Starts
9:30pm – Approx. Game End Time