20140126160736!KATU_logoBig Question for Students & Parents Tonight. If the Sherwood Football Team wins tonight, the Sherwood student body will be featured live on KATU’s High School Blitz program, which will be broadcast from the main gym at SHS.  My big question for Parents & Students is: Will the following timeline work for you?

10pm Game Ends
11pm – Setup in Gym
11:25-11:45 – Perform (in tandem with students, football team, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.)
Midnight – GO HOME

When we arc up tonight at 5:45pm in the band room, we will see who can do this and who cannot. If we have enough of a band, then we will commit to the Network Broadcast. If we will have poor attendance for the broadcast that will not be an adequate representation of our program and sound, then we will not commit. Regardless, the final decision will be made at 5:45pm. We will then post announcements on the band webpage and booster facebook page to get word out what is happening tonight.

For more info, here’s what the High School Blitz is all about from KATU:

We’ll feature your game as the Game Of The Week and then we go LIVE with the winner for our half hour High School football Show from about 11:25pm – 11:45pm.

Players, cheerleaders, band and anybody else you want to invite are encouraged to take part in the fun.

It helps if everybody is set in the gym by 11PM so we can get them ready.  We’re done by Midnight and quickly get out of the gym so everyone can get home.