Winter Showcase Update

Well, it’s finally about here. The Sherwood Winter Showcase begins in just over 48 hours. You’ve all done a wonderful job volunteering, but we’re not quite there yet. As of right now, we are just about 50 slots short of taking care of all of our volunteer needs. Almost all of those slots are for door monitors in the afternoon and evening, and for parking lot assistance throughout the day.  As of tonight, we’ve opened up the door monitor jobs to older high school students, as long as they are comfortable being firm about keeping doors closed and checking for wristbands.
So, if you haven’t signed up, now is the time! Check with your son or daughter and see if they have signed up! We’re almost there!! Go to right now, and let’s get the last of our jobs taken care of.
Thanks for all your help!
Pat Allen
Volunteer Coordinator
Sherwood Winter Showcase