All Northwest

It is with great pleasure to inform you that this weekend’s performance by the Wind Ensemble and participation by our 8 students in the All Northwest honor bands were very successful events. The performance and clinic with Dr. McMurray was well attended with over 200 band directors from 6 states. Our students performed Esprit De Corp with an energy and passion like never before and impressed all with their technique and musicality. In addition to their stellar performance, our students were very responsive and open to instruction in their role as the demonstration band for Dr. McMurray’s clinic.

The 8 students who participated in the honor bands spent 8 hours a day from Friday-Sunday practicing for Sunday performances which were amazing! Overall, Sherwood was a topic of many conversations and made such an impact to be referenced in 3 additional clinics by Dr. McMurray and Dr. Michael Burch Pesses. The musicality and professionalism displayed this weekend by our students made a lasting impression with many from across the Northwest.

These events enrich all who attend and I thank you your support in making music a priority in our student’s educational experience in Sherwood.