Al Northwest 1

The Wind Ensemble is ready to join Dr. Alan McMurray at All Northwest. They have prepared for many weeks for this event and it is finally here. This is such a great honor and opportunity to be under the direction of one of the most distinguished conductors in the wold. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience

Below you will find necessary information regarding the event:

  • 6am- load bus
    • students need to be in uniform(make sure clean and pressed) and pack a snack/lunch
  • 6:15am- depart from SHS
  • 7am- arrive at Portland Convention Center
  • 7:15- warm-up
  • 8am- Clinic begins
  • 9:15- Clinic ends
  • 9:30- load bus and depart for SHS
  • 10:30- Arrive at SHS

CLICK HERE for Dr. Alan McMurray’s Bio.