Instrument Step-up Night


Dear SHS Band Parents:

For the next several days, band students will have the opportunity to play on some advanced instruments provided to us by Beacock’s Music. As an educator, I am excited about this because it will give your student a chance to see, hear, and feel what it is like to play on something other than a beginning instrument. Our students work hard to make good music and to bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to themselves and our band program. At this point in the year, many families are considering making the change from renting an instrument to owning their own, or considering the possibility of purchasing an upgraded instrument. Advancing to a higher level as a musician is far more difficult on an inadequate instrument.

If it feasible for you, I want to encourage you to take advantage of the step up program being offered to our band right now. Beacock’s Music is currently offering an opportunity to acquire a recommended instrument that can support your student through the high school level and beyond. I have carefully reviewed this program and think it is excellent. The step up program has the following features:

  • You may exchange your rental instrument for the step up instrument. If you are renting your instrument, you are eligible for rent credit that will apply towards the purchase of your new step up instrument. Beacock’s Music may also apply any rent credit that you may have accumulated from other music stores to assist you.
  • The monthly payment arrangement is quite accommodating. This payment can be very close to the same payment you have been making for rent! Rental payments beyond 10 months will most likely not gain you equity towards purchase of your instrument. I can assure you that, no matter what your current financial position, Beacock’s has been most flexible with our families and can most likely arrange a suitable payment arrangement
  • You may trade in your current instrument. If you already own an instrument, that instrument can be traded in and a fair trade in value will be applied towards your new step up instrument.



  • Bigger Sound:  Beginner instruments have small bores that give a shallow, small sound. Step up instruments have larger bores for bigger, fuller sounds.
  • Better Intonation:  Beginning instruments aren’t perfectly in tune. Better quality instruments are made with greater precision resulting in more accurate intonation across the entire range of the instrument.
  • Tone Quality:  Beginning instruments are made of less expensive materials. Better quality instruments are made of materials that give best tone. For example: plastic clarinets vs. wood clarinets, nickel flutes vs. silver flutes, solid body vs. composite body.
  • Features:  Beginning instruments don’t have extra features: better quality instruments have features that help the player better tune, faster, with more control and with extended range. Triggers on French horns, trombones, open-hole flutes, extra keys on saxophones and oboes.


  • Beacock’s Music offers more pricing flexibility in regards to payment plans, trade-ins and rental credit.
  • You will not have to worry about purchasing an inferior instrument. Beacock’s Music has not and will not carry inferior instruments that are often sold either online or at other retail stores.

Neither Sherwood High School, Sherwood School District, the Bowmen Band Program, its director, nor its staff have or will receive any reimbursement or personal gain from my recommendation to purchase from Beacock’s Music. My primary goal is to convince as many students as possible to consider purchasing a higher quality instrument. While there are certainly other quality music retailers both locally and abroad, Beacock’s Music simply has an exceptional track record of providing both quality service and quality products.

I, along with the representatives from Beacock’s Music, will be here at SHS on Thursday December 5th 5-6:30 pm to discuss and set up a program for you. In order to accommodate everyone in the most pleasant, efficient manner, please complete the requested information and return to me as soon as possible. To afford each family a level of privacy and service, appointment times will be at 20-minute intervals.








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