Tree Fundraiser

Christmas Tree Fundraiser
for Sherwood High School Band
The Sherwood High School Band receives 30% of the purchase price when you buy a
Christmas tree at ROONEY FAMILY NOBLE FIRS. Tell your friends & neighbors and raise even
more money!
• Simply bring this flyer when you purchase your tree. (If you happen to forget it, there will be
extra flyers on the farm.) It’s that simple!
• All of our trees are noble firs of the finest quality. Here’s a great opportunity to find the
f tCh i t t d t th Sh d Hi hS h lB dP t th
• All Noble Firs
perfect Christmas tree and support the Sherwood High School Band Program at the same
• Carefully grown and tended
• More than 6000 trees to choose from
• Fields are close – no long walks
• Open weekends 9:00 am to dusk starting the day after Thanksgiving
• Sizes from 5‐13+ feet
• $25‐$45

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