We are catching up to Century in the voting poll! Here are instructions to set up a program that will blast text votes for our band.

Follow the instructions below to set up your computer to text about 100  a minute. We could win this thing!!!
1- Goto and click Download

2- When Download is Complete Click “Run”

3- Click “Add New User” and enter Info.(its not an online Login)

4- When New User is Created enter the info you just created on the Login Page.

5- When logged in, Find your email web host and Email Address and Password(This is how the texts will be sent)

6- Enter # of texts to be sent,(Higher # for faster Computers, Lower For Slower)

7- For the Provider of The Number, Enter Verizon, For the Number enter 95595

8- For the Message enter “SHS”

9- Click “Start” and You’re Finished

10, Is The Number and the Green Bar in the bottom right hand corner stop going up, don’t worry its still working just the program Graphics have Stopped working. (Unless your internet wnt down, then you will have to restart the program and redo steps: 4-9)

11- You’re Done now just leave the program running throughout the night any you’ll be good!

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