7:00 Load Crew arrives, begins load out
7:30 Hair/Uniform Crew arrives, call time for kids, snack available
8:00 Trucks depart for Salem
9:00 Tent/Bench Crew arrives at Sprague HS (2373 Kuebler Blvd. S., Salem); trucks arrive at Sprague; buses depart SHS
10:00 Camp set up, buses arrive. Snack available.
11:00 Pit Crew arrives at Sprague, confirm assignments and locations
1:00 round 1 performance
1:15 tentative lunch time
TBD round 2 performance
Remainder of afternoon is TBD based on placement
7:15 (approx.) loaded trucks depart for Sherwood
8:00 buses depart for Sherwood
8:15 Unload Crew arrives at SHS, trucks arrive from Salem
9:00 Uniform Crew returns to SHS to check in uniforms, buses return from Salem

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